The Windows Azure Handbook, Volume 1: Strategy & Planning

I was happy to see that a colleague and friend, David Pallman (GM at Neudesic and one of the few Windows Azure MVP’s in the world), successfully published the first volume of his The Windows Azure Handbook series: Planning & Strategy Architecture Development Management I think that is a very nice organization/separation of different considerations…


Azure Capacity Assessment

Hanu Kommalapati, a very esteemed colleague and co-author on our book SOA with .NET and Windows Azure, provided some guidance on how to estimate and assess capacity requirements in Windows Azure. Read more about it on Hanu’s blog at


Active Directory and BizTalk in the Cloud?

A colleague pointed me to an interesting blog post – Two products Microsoft should set free into Cloud, which ended with this question: So Microsoft – here is a market that is begging to be served and yours to lose. While you still have work to do to make your to Azure Platform, Business Applications,…


Microsoft Implementing Software Plus Services

Microsoft has been talking about “Software + Services” (S+S) as its vision of the future for a while now (see related posts on S+S: Microsoft Platform Overview & Talking about Software Plus Services). People like Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie often talk about the applicable patterns and trends that exemplify this concept, even though they…


Microsoft Platform Overview

I also had the privilege of speaking at the South Bay .NET User Group, at their April monthly meeting, held at the Honda Motors U.S. headquarters campus in Torrance, CA. The topic of this presentation was an overview of the neat and new things on the broad Microsoft platform, to help distill an understanding of…


2007.12.04 MSDN PowerSeries Event in Irvine, CA

I had the opportunity to present at the MSDN PowerSeries event in Irvine, on Software + Services, Windows Live Platform, and the Office Platform. It was a tough act to follow after Lynn Langit’s morning session, but the audience was great and allowed me to talk about these topics at an architecture level and not…


Describing Web Platform Stack

Context In an earlier blog post I talked about "Web as a Platform" (in Web 2.0’s context) and briefly described a layered and componentized perspective in looking at the Web platform in general. And I thought it would be more clarifying to illustrate what a Web platform stack might look like, so this post is…


Thoughts from the WebbyConnect Summit

I had the opportunity to attend the WebbyConnect Summit on October 3-5 at Laguna Beach. It was a series of non-technical panel discussions on the various growing trends on the Web, and their social and cultural impacts, especially with respect to the media and internet industries. Topics discussed include: Web as an essential media channel…


IT Architect Regional Conference 2007

Scheduled for October 15-16th, 2007, the ITARC 2007 conference is an event focused on the architecture topics in IT. The organizers at IASA (International Association of Software Architects) have arranged over 30 session in 4 concurrent tracks covering enterprise architecture, infrastructure architecture, software architecture, and architecture fundamentals. Many notable speakers (just to list a few)…