Internet Service Bus and Windows Azure AppFabric

Microsoft’s AppFabric, part of a set of ”application infrastructure” (or middleware) technologies, is (IMO) one of the most interesting areas on the Microsoft platform today, and where a lot of innovations are occurring. There are a few technologies that don’t really have equivalents elsewhere, at the moment, such as the Windows Azure AppFabric Service Bus….


Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform

Just saw a friend, Richard Seroter the “Architect Extraordinaire”, publish a new book from Packt – Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform; his second book after SOA Patterns with BizTalk Server 2009. Even though technical books usually don’t make it onto NY Times Best Sellers and that they usually don’t help the authors retire…


SOA with .NET and Windows Azure

Yes that is a book and it is now available! I had the privilege to participate as a member of a very esteemed and talented authoring team for this book that includes Thomas Erl, John deVadoss, Nitin Gandhi, Hanu Kommalapati, Brian Loesgen, Christoph Schittko, Herbjörn Wilhelmsen, Mickey Williams, and many other contributors….


Architect Council | 2010: A Cloud Odyssey

The forecast for 2010 is looking very cloudy, with every technology company delivering some type of cloud offering, and analysts estimating that almost everyone will try some form of cloud computing. But from a practical stand point, how should organizations leverage cloud computing effectively? Is it to simply host existing and legacy assets somewhere else,…


Cloud Computing and the Microsoft Platform

It has been a couple of months since I wrote about cloud computing and Microsoft’s plans and strategies. Now that Azure Services Platform has been unveiled at PDC2008, and after having the opportunities to discuss it with a community of architects from major enterprises and startups via the Architect Council series of events, I can…


SOA – End of Life 2009.01.01

It has just been a few days since Anne Thomas Manes at Burton Group published her post “SOA is Dead; Long Live Services”, and it has stirred up quite a storm of comments in the blogosphere. Most of what I read though, seem to be in alignment with what Anne Thomas Manes said – SOA…


SOA Change Management Strategies

By today’s standards, it is pretty well-understood that governance is a critical success factor for enterprise SOA initiatives. And there is already a considerably saturated/consolidated market providing the SOA governance solutions (see Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Integrated SOA Governance Technology Sets, 2007, Forrestor’s SOA Service Life-Cycle Management Q1 2008, and SOA Governance Conference 5 for…


Talking about Service Oriented Architecture

I had the privilege to speak at the April monthly meeting at the Los Angeles Java Users Group. The meeting was held on April 1st at the Sun Microsystems office in LA, and so that in itself was the source of a few jokes lobbed at me. At times I was also referred to as…


SOA Security – Enterprise Architecture Perspective

This week I had the opportunity to speak at the IT Architect Regional Conference in San Diego, on the subject of architecting enterprise SOA security. It is an interesting event, with speakers from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, TIBCO, Fair Issac, and many other organizations. We even gave away a brand new XBox 360 and a Zune!…


IT Architect Regional Conference 2007

Scheduled for October 15-16th, 2007, the ITARC 2007 conference is an event focused on the architecture topics in IT. The organizers at IASA (International Association of Software Architects) have arranged over 30 session in 4 concurrent tracks covering enterprise architecture, infrastructure architecture, software architecture, and architecture fundamentals. Many notable speakers (just to list a few)…