SOA with .NET and Windows Azure

Yes that is a book and it is now available!

SOA with .NET and Windows Azure

I had the privilege to participate as a member of a very esteemed and talented authoring team for this book that includes Thomas Erl, John deVadoss, Nitin Gandhi, Hanu Kommalapati, Brian Loesgen, Christoph Schittko, Herbjörn Wilhelmsen, Mickey Williams, and many other contributors. It’s amazing how a book like this came together via such a team effort over the course it took, and now finally seeing it published!

So how is this book relevant now that SOA has been proclaimed dead, and we have cloud computing to the rescue? Well, not exactly, and in fact, cloud computing heightened the need for carefully designed and planned SOA. However, SOA doesn’t just mean the “big SOA” type of endeavors the industry has been advocating in the past few years, and “small” or pragmatic SOA is the more effective form of SOA today. And that’s what this book is intended for; by marrying service-oriented principles with the Microsoft .NET platform, to guide practitioners to incrementally build the intended SOA.

And of course, it’s a great time to discuss how cloud computing relates to SOA, and how Microsoft’s Windows Azure platform can be used to build service-oriented systems, and extend an organization’s SOA.

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  1. Tad Anderson says:

    This is a great book.

    I have posted a full review here…

  2. Thanks Tad (I also saw your feedback on Amazon)! That was a great review. Not just because you were kind to us; the review itself was quite insightful. And thank you for visiting and reaching out. 🙂 Best! -David

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