Engaging the Local Tech Community at Twiistup 3

I had the opportunity to participate in Twiistup 3, a local event that connects people from technology, media, and entertainment. Held at a nightclub, it is also a venue where local tech startups can come and show off their work, to potential investors, customers, partners, etc. There were 9 show-offs: Askmenow, Docstoc, MegentoCommerce, OfficeZilla, PeopleJam, RubiconProject, SpeedDate, ThemBid and Yellowbot

We managed to get a show-off space so I went and ran demos and discussed Silverlight with anyone interested, from 7pm until midnight.


During the evening, I also had the privilege of being graced with the presence of Shira Lazar, who presided over the event and interviewed all of the show-offs.

DSC_4760.JPG DSC_4759.JPG

Shira is one of those very few on earth who looks good in just about any picture (and she's smart too!); while I never look good in any picture (pictures courtesy of Mike Macadaan, founder of Twiistup). I'm just glad I can designate myself a geek and call it a day.

Anyway, the evening was a quite party. It was an amazing experience meeting and connecting with so many people working on the Web. It was also a testament to how seemingly simple it has become, to build interactive websites using the various building blocks. People innovating on the Web are now empowered to focus on what to do, as opposed to the how.

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