Implementing a Serverless Architecture

Event-driven serverless architectures promise improved resiliency and scalability, as serverless platforms consist of managed services that abstract away the infrastructure used to operate them. Serverless also promises increased agility because we can focus on building and delivering new capabilities quickly, without needing to work with the infrastructure. In the previous article we discussed how to…


Event-Driven Serverless Architectures

Serverless – the latest and most ‘cloud-native’ approach to developing applications, offers increased agility, improved resilience and scalability, and a pure on-demand consumption-based cost model (though not without its trade-offs). However, to truly realize those benefits and to deliver more advanced outcomes, we should look beyond the relatively narrow focus on Functions-as-a-Service (FaaS; or related…


Cloud Service Models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) Diagram

Guessing most of us have seen a version of the diagram that compares the cloud computing service models (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) and on-premises environments, sometime within the past few years? You know, the one that uses a visualization of four software (layer cake) stacks to describe the differences between infrastructure, platform, and software “-as-a-service” models…


Multiple Inheritance

It was back in 2008 when I first wrote about .NET and Multiple Inheritance. Since then I have received many feedback (some were particularly pointed), though kind of amazed that this is still a subject of debate even today. To read more, visit my blog at


Free software, services, and support for entrepreneurs and independent developers

Do you have an idea so brilliant, it keeps you up at night? Developers & entrepreneurs, BizSpark can help. The Microsoft® BizSpark® program is FREE and helps your app development ideas come to life. You will have access to over 11 terabytes of software development tools, technical support; be provided connections with key industry players,…


Have a great idea for a game? Bring it to life at Game On!

Join us for this FREE, hands-on event and learn how to build a Windows 8.1 and/or Windows Phone game in record time. We’ll cover everything you need to create, upload and publish an amazing game. Expert developers will outline different game frameworks and give you the tools you need to start building. They’ll also explain…


Windows Azure Developer Camps 2013Q4

Join a Microsoft Developer Camp and learn critical skills that all modern developers need to know. Roll up your sleeves at this free, one-day, instructor-led workshop where you can learn the critical skills that all modern developers need to know. We will start with basic Microsoft Modern Platform principles and build up to more advanced…


Windows Store app development for iOS developers in Mountain View on December 13 & 14

Join the Big Nerd Ranch and Microsoft for this free, two-day training designed to jumpstart your Windows Store app development. You will learn the ins-and-outs of the Windows platform from iOS developers who are now building Windows apps. Sessions will follow a low-key, interactive format where iOS terms and concepts will be mapped to Windows…


.NET Rocks road trip in a city near you

  Get ready to become immersed in the power of Visual Studio 2012. The .NET Rocks! Team of Carl Franklin and Richard Campbell are on the road bringing you presentations focused on building modern applications on the Windows platform for both client-side and server-side technology. At each stop, they will also record a live .NET…


Facebook & Windows 8 Hackathon November 30

Following the announcement of Windows Store App Labs, we’re excited to announce a joint Hackathon with Facebook that will take place on November 30th at Facebook HQ in Menlo Park, CA. Developers, designers and entrepreneurs are all invited. Join members of the Facebook and Windows engineering teams to learn what it takes to build great…