Awesome utility for system info

Do you work with a lot of computers? Always wondering how much memort it has, what CPU, how much disk spaces is free, what the IP is, etc? Here is a wonderful utility for that. It integrates all this information directly onto your desktop background. More


My new Super Computer

I have not used a desktop computer for more than 10 years now. I have always used laptops. I did not even use monitors or keyboards because I hated switching. But finally I am gonig back to a desktop, or at least something with the roots of a desktop. I am building a portable super…

Remote desktop and custom resolutions

I use remote desktop a lot. But 800×600 is too small, and if I use 1024×768 then it goes full screen and its not convenient to move between host and guest easily. To compound this, I run multiple remote desktops as well as virtual PC’s. What I really want to do is run remote desktop…

Multilingual Applications

I am starting to see more and more applications which offer localization. It is important that more and more vendors realize that not everyone is fluent in English. However when localizing software there are some simple yet very important steps to take. I have presented whole sessions on this, however today I want to address…


PDC Sessions Posted

Looking for my slides from Pakistan Developers Conference? More info


Blogging in English, Arabic, and more

I’m not blogging in multiple languages. Well to be fair, I’m blogging in English and MVP and other volunteers are helping with translations. The system auto detects your browser settings, or you can override. In addition if your selected language is unavailable it will fall back to English. So sometimes articles have not been translated,…


TechEd US Daily reports and pictures

I am at TechEd US this week and have a new camera as well. If you are not able to attend TechEd but want to see what is going on, please check out .NET News.


Do you blog? If so send it to me!

I am collecting blog links of blogs in the MEA region. I will be cataloging these and linking these online. So if you have a blog and are MEA based, please contact me. Please send me the link to your blog, the country you are in, and if your blog is topic oriented what topic…


Do you speak Urdu, Arabic, or French?

I’m putting together a multilingual project. We will be targetting more language later, but initially we are targetting English, Urdu, Arabic, and French. The primary languages of MEA. Later on we will be adding support for Turkish and others as well. All content is available in English and most content is just a few sentences….