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Pakistan Developers Conference is June 28-30th, 2006. It will be held simultaneously in Karachi and Lahore. More Information

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  1. jerry_yasir says:

    To see the session details according to categories, visit my blogs. Dont forget to drop your feedback.  See you all at the PDC next month.



  2. Imran Bashir says:

    I wanna be registered

  3. Basharat says:

    Nice job Kudzu ! Even you were sleepy today but we didn’t felt it.

    Your presentations were good, im amazed what would you do with what you prepared and lost(due to your hard drive failure)if this stuff was unprepared. Good job (Y). it would be great if you upload the stuff relating to your proposed presentations and what you delivered here today.

    Overall PDC at Lahore was nice but i guess this was the first year so Microsoft guys in pakistan need to be a bit more planned.

    The contents of the Lahore was not interesting rather everyone was interested in Karachi venue’s presentations.

    Also if there wasn’t possible a three day event a lahore then they should at least do the live coverage from Karachi to Lahore for the rest two days.

    The only event which was video conferenced was the inaguration ceremony and almost 40% of the audience was sleeping in that 🙁



  4. Noshaba Mariam says:

    It was wonderful to be there and simply great

  5. Noshaba Mariam says:

    It was wonderful to be there and simply great

  6. MSDN Archive says:

    Thanks for all the comments. It wasnt about organization though, but budgets. 🙂 We are pushing for 3 days in Lahore next year. This year was one day more than last year. 🙂

    I’m sending all my presentations to Microsoft Pakistan, so they will be putting them online or making them available.

    That failing, watch my blog at, I might post them there.

  7. Saqib Rizwan says:

    GR8, excelllent way of presentation.

    I and my friends like you speech @ Lahore.

    More about you I will write later. Currently exploring your blogs and speeches.

  8. well no doubt u had lost ur hard drive data

    but thats wat we call how a presenter stick his audiance in the room

    it was superb

    even not related to Microsoft but we had discuss it for weeks

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