Do you blog? If so send it to me!

I am collecting blog links of blogs in the MEA region. I will be cataloging these and linking these online. So if you have a blog and are MEA based, please contact me. Please send me the link to your blog, the country you are in, and if your blog is topic oriented what topic…


Do you speak Urdu, Arabic, or French?

I’m putting together a multilingual project. We will be targetting more language later, but initially we are targetting English, Urdu, Arabic, and French. The primary languages of MEA. Later on we will be adding support for Turkish and others as well. All content is available in English and most content is just a few sentences….


CodePlex – a public Team Foundation Server!

Microsoft has launched a community website for hosting of open and shared source projects. And best of all, its using Team Foundatoin Server. More information

Introducing .NET Micro Framework – Beyond the Compact Framework

Using only a few hundred kilobytes and an inexpensive processor, the Microsoft .NET Micro Framework allows developers to build applications for the smallest of devices. These devices are typically constrained by cost, memory, processor, and power consumption. Now you can use .NET on watches, TV’s, desk phones, radios, clocks, and more! More Information


MIX Content available

Microsoft has put online all of the sessions from the MIX 2006 conference. More information


May 15-16 – SDC, Papendal, The Netherlands

I’ll be speaking again at SDC in The Netherlands. This year on Vista and various other topics. Hope to see you there!


SQL Server 2005 Express Overview

I am still working on my more detailed SQL Express comparison with Oracle Express. But while browsing for something else, I ran across this useful article describing in detail SQL Server Express.