Apr 24 and 26 – Saudi Arabia

This week I’m delivering “.NET Development – Best Practices” in Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This is the first delivery of this content in MEA. It’s based partially on content from our Microsoft Training Center, as well as custom content of my own. Over the next year I will be redelivering this content in different…


TechEd Europe – What sessions to pick?

Just a follow up note on my previous post. We are not accepting submissions quite yet. In late May or early June I will post more about the process of how we pick speakers and papers. TechEd is one of the most sought after software events worldwide for speakers – and each track only has…


TechEd 2006 Europe – What do YOU want to see?

I am the track owner for the Base Framework Track at TechEd 2006 Europe. What does this mean? Well basically that I get to choose the sessions for this track. Before you get excited and send me submissions – each track only has 15 to 20 slots. The Base Framework track is likely to only…


Future Origamis

A few weeks ago I blogged about the Origami and several users wrote to tell me why they were not excited about them. I agree, but what is available are just the first releases. Consider this….


April 30 – Dubai – Geeks United

Come join the first Microsoft developers conference in Dubai. A two day event with new releases and previews of ASP.NET, Visual Studio, Windows Vista and 2007 Office System. Whether you are an amateur developer, a “code-guru” or anything in between, you need to be at the biggest developer conference in the region. I will be…


Last week – Berlin

Someone wrote to me and asked why I did not go anywhere last week. Well I did – I was in Berlin but it was for an internal meeting. But we had a chance to get out too, and one thing we did was drive some Trebbies on a Trebbie Safari. Pictures coming soon.

April 24 and 26 – Riyadh and Jeddah, KSA

Next stop is ISV Days in Saudi Arabia. I will be presenting the “Best Development Practices” track in both Riyadh and Jeddah.

Virtual Server now free – and with Linux support!

No it’s not a late April fools joke. In case you missed the announcement Virtual Server is now available as a free download. In addition there is now official support for Lniux guest operating systems. More information