Next Stop – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Next stop on my schedule is Gulf Developers Conference (GDC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this Sunday through Tuesday.

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  1. Thamer says:

    I was there at the GDC, the new Office was the best part, thanks for showing it to us.

    Great presentation Chad, very informative!

  2. Mohyiddeen M Othman says:

    I would Just like to say that I LOVED your sessions here in Riyadh, and hope you enjoyed your stay here in sunny Saudi 🙂

  3. Hello Mr. Hower 🙂

    I saw you today @ the GDC … and just wanted to say that we really enjoyed your lecture (me and my friends too) … u were the best 😀 …. btw one of my friends is the one how asked you about the origami … and I wanted to talk with you more about some other stuff  about new things in windows vista …. but you just ran away 😀 …. let’s hope we see you @ the next GDC next year ^^ … to talk about Applications that Run on All Windows Mobile Based Devices 😀 …

    Good luck on your trips ^^

  4. MSDN Archive says:

    Thanks! I’m sorry I only had 3 days to spend and had to leave early afternoon on Tuesday. I had to make it to Kuwait to speak the next day. I’ll be back in Saudi again for sure.

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