Forget the PDA, forget the IPOD, I want an Origami!

What is an Origami? It is a new tablet computer about the size of a small book. But it is not just from one manufacturer, an Origami is a specification or outline which many manufacturers are building for. Read more

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  1. SassKwatch says:

    After all the hype, the irony is that there is really nothing new here. Devices of this nature have been available in the past. We used the device linked to above at work for a couple yr back when Win98 was the ‘in’ desktop OS of the day……and Win2K was *just* coming to market.

    Undoubtedly, a few improvements have been made, but the overall concept is nearly identical.

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    You are absolutely correct. There is nothing "new" here per se technology or idea wise. What is new here though its "momentum" and "standardization". Before it was one company here, one company there. Now is a "movement" with many companies collaborating and moving forward around common ideals. The current models definitely want in the area of battery life, but that will be addressed when the Duo’s are integrated and other such improvements. Cost will come down too. What will you think if you can get an Origami with an 8 hour battery life for $499?

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