April 5-7, Berlin, Germany

Internal conference this week in Berlin. I’m flying in just before and leaving just after. I doubt I’ll have any free time but if you are in Berlin, I might find time for a late night meeting over a “socially acceptable beverage”.

Are you part of a user group committee?

Are you a president, secretary, or other position responsible for organizing or running a user group in the Middle East and Africa region? (Remember this includes Turkey, Pakistan, Cyprus, and Malta too) If so please use the contact link and contact me.


Kuwait City, Kuwait

Last stop was in Kuwait on Wed, March 22 for the last of our launches. This launch happened quite late, but remember the saying “The best is saved for last”.

Next Stop – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Next stop on my schedule is Gulf Developers Conference (GDC) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this Sunday through Tuesday.


March 14, 2006 – Provence, France

This week I was in the south of France at the Connect 2006 event. I enjoyed meeting many of you who were there. And finally some sun, even if we were indoors most of the time.  


Windows Vista just a 3D version of Windows XP

No it is not! But unfortunately this is the impression that a lot of people have. I understand where this impression is coming from, so let me explain. Many people have seen Vista demos. Unfortunately many of the demos focus completely on the new 3D user interface (Also known as Glass, or Aero). And often…


Forget the PDA, forget the IPOD, I want an Origami!

What is an Origami? It is a new tablet computer about the size of a small book. But it is not just from one manufacturer, an Origami is a specification or outline which many manufacturers are building for. Read more


How do SQL Server 2005 Express and Oracle Express compare?

This is a question that is being asked more and more from users. Both SQL Express and Oracle Express are free. So what else is different? What factors might be useful in making a choice between which one to use? Full article