Absent from MDC in Egypt

Unfortunately last week I started to lose my voice. I went to see a doctor

on Saturday and it was expected to get better, but now it has nearly totally

gone away. To make matters worse, its snowing like crazy in Istanbul and the

Microsoft office has been closed for the next few days, the city is pretty

much at a stand still. The electricity is fading every few minutes and the

DSL is flaking out farely often. Although it was fun to watch the city bus

go down the street sideways (I do not think the passengers enjoyed it in the

same manner), I wish the snow would stop. Why is snow such a problem here?

Well Istanbul is a very very hilly city. Imagine 5 to 10 cm of snow falling

in San Franciso. Now imagine bigger hills, and more of them. I think you get

the picture.


More snow is forecasted for tomorrow, and even if my voice should magically

return in the next 24 hours, I have no way to make it to the airport

(assuming the planes are flying).


To those of you at MDC.... I hope to see you next time, and I hope MDC is a

big success. Maybe I can make a user group meeting or other event in the

future instead.

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  1. we missed you in Egypt, i was planning to meat you, however no problem , (ah, by the way there was no problems in food this time, they were provided it in closed boxes , however the second day they brough less boxes than the number of registered people so hundreds didn’t take their lunch, their execuse was that they didn’t wanted to decrease loss in unused food so they decided to bring less food than number of registered developers)

    As to traffic the conference was held in Cairo conference ccenter just behind the Big stadium of Cairo where important football matches of the African cup are played, however Microsoft Egypt did a good job this time and provided a large screen to those football fan developers who weren’t able to return home to see Egypt’s match in the television.

    third day, when you were supposed to give a session, unfortunately i only attended first 2 sessions and wasn’t able to attend the closing session due to an important business meeting.

    I hope i have briefed you about the confrence, for the technical sessions i am sure you already know them all,

    Hope to meet again in the future,

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