Dec 13, 2005 – Cairo, Egypt

Cairo was the largest event by far with around 2,000 attendees. I enjoyed my time in Cairo and enjoyed everyone I met except the taxi drivers. I was told about the taxi drivers before I arrived in Cairo, but even with the over 50 countries I have travelled to throughout the world nothing could prepare me for what I experienced.

In Cairo I presented several sessions however I spent a lot of time talking one on one with attendees when not chasing a caterer to try to grab some food (Those who were there will understand this). Feb 6–8 is MDC an in depth conference that I hope to see many of you at again, and now that I know that English is not as widespread in Egypt as in many of the other venues I’ll better prepare and tune my sessions for such.

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  1. Sherif Talaat says:

    Dear Chad Z.

    how are you . I hope you are good .

    I’d like to say Woo Hoo! to you are you remember this word . you are nice person really I want to see you in MDC .


    I want to ask you about the video you are show it in your first session when you talk about ( Send Error report ) . I hope you send this video to me at

    finally nice to met you chad

    See you soon

    Sherif T.

  2. Dear Chad Z.

    how are you?

    Just I want telling you Hi and I will tell to you later about DotNet Arabia– Arabian Community – that I told to you before , see you soon MDC 2006 🙂

    Funny Pictures

    Mohamed Tanna

    DotNet Arabia Community


  3. Dear Mr Chad,

    I really liked your sessions in egypt and I hope to attend your sessions in the next MDC,..

    you can check my blog page for more pictures from that day…

    I hope next time you come to egypt you don’t find any problems with Taxi drivers.. 😉


  4. Dear Mr.Chap:

    It may be kinda late to post a comment here, but that was because of forgetting your blog page.

    Yeah you are right about the Taxi drivers, we all suffering from the same problem but there is a governmental project named "City Taxi" that will solve that problem soon.

    My team "Real Intelligence" will be waiting you next conference feb 6-8 2006 MDC, there you can use "Yahoo" rather than "Woo Hoo!", Yahoo is more common here!

    Mohamed Nagieb

    Strategic & Technical leader of Real Intelligence Team.


  5. Hi Mr.Chad ,

    I didn’t meet you in person but i enjoyed your session alot,

    I hope to see you again in the technical session you said would be next Feb.

    Ahhh, Taxis, Food and English , Don’t forget that most of the audience were so young aged.

  6. MSDN Archive says:

    The video is available here:

    I’ll be very excited for the City Taxi’s maybe I’ll be lucky and it will move quickly as its damaging the Egyptian reputation, taxi cab drivers are often the first people that foreigners and tourists meet in a country.

    As for MDC, yes I’ll be at MDC. Currently we are discussing the agenda for MDC etc and I have it scheduled on my travel calendar. This time I hope I’ll have some time to go out a bit with some of you.

    I like the idea of Yahoo! especialy in the spirit of the movie "Young Einstein" (See imdb) but Yahoo is also the name of a competitor and I’d probably be opening Microsoft for some trouble if I use Yahoo as a word. 🙂

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