Khobar, Saudi Arabia Launch – Dec 3, 2005

After a brief few days in Istanbul to obtain some visas, I’m back on the road for more launches. Today I presented two dev tracks at the launch in Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Official estimates are not in yet but I estimate that there were over 400 people in attendance today. As with all the other events interest in both VSTS and SQL 2005 is very high. Feedback on the surveys was very favorable (except for one form from an employee of a competitor) and comments overwhelmingly have asked for more events, more information, and wishing the event was more than one day. For those interested in more in depth sessions, watch my blog and the Microsoft Arabia web site. Gulf Developers Conference is a three day in depth technical event from Jan 30, 2006 to Feb 1, 2006 in Riyadh.


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  1. Mubarak Sha says:

    Nice to read your comments about the launch (Dec03). I have also participated in that event. I am expecting more and more about database application and Commercial application like financial/inventory/etc development in Gulf Developer conference. Thanks

  2. Jobin Scaria says:

    I got a chance to participate in VS 2005 launch in Riyadh on 5th Dec 2005 and your session was quite informative.I expecting more information regaring the 3 tier management in the event which is going to held in riyadh from Jan 30, 2006 to Feb 1, 2006. Please inform me the location and timing.

    thanks and regards

    Jobin Scaria []

  3. Waqas says:

    Woo Hoo!

    hola Mr. Hower,

    hope you had a great time with us, Lahorites.

    really enjoyed 🙂

  4. MSDN Archive says:

    GDC will definitely have more in depth sessions. We don’t have the sessions picked yet but they will be very technical in nature and we have 3 days to present them. The launch has some technical, but is more overviews. I think you will like GDC very much.

    As far as notifications, if you are in the list for the launch Microsoft Arabia will be sending out e-mails as we get closer to GDC.

  5. MSDN Archive says:

    I definitely enjoyed the event in Lahore, the audience was very excited. It’s too bad we had to turn away over 300 people, but the number of people that showed up was way higher than expected. I’ll be posting about Lahore as soon as I can, but I’m preparing for Karachi now.

  6. jerry_yasir says:


    I agree with chad that many people were turned away just becuase of not having enough seats to fix them there. But Well Done .. The event was great and really created a Buzz around the Lahore IT Industry. Audience behaved very well and supported the presenters. Many people are talking about VS.Net 2k5 and SQL Server 2005.Lunch was great Feedback was in high percentage. I am blogging about the launch so that the guys who missed the event can read what happend. Hope to see you in June and PK DEV not PDC right. I missed XBox though (:



  7. Azhar - Karachi says:

    Hello Mr. Hower (Kudu)

    I’ve just arrived home after the launch at Karachi. The sessions were amazing and I am happy with my gift of a keyboard (Woo Hoo).

    Alas, I found your website right now and loved (not technically) the Kudu. I really want to grow Kudu all over the Karachi to rid off the dust all over here. I am searching for the Kudu now, thanks for having its links on your web-site.

    For the event, its always the best, and I really enjoyed and participated (if you remember me "I questioned about dual core processor in express edition" and also win a keyboard).

    Well Mr. Hower, Woo Hoo for being there and Woo Hoo for Kudu. I wish that in your next visit to Karachi you will find lots of Kudu here.

    Best wishes.


  8. Azhar - Karachi says:

    I have corrected the spelling "Kudzu".

  9. Hi!

    really very nice presentations by you and Aseel. i enjoyed and a lot.

    I am looking for PPTs and codes that you presented there.

    plz lemme know where can i find both the PPTs and code.

    Thanx and Hoo Hoo!

  10. It’s too bad that your session at Riyadh’s launch event was cut short, but it was extremely enjoyable while it lasted.

    I thihk most people went out of that session with one question burning in their minds: Who in hell’s name is this Dilbert guy.

    Thank you very much for a very informative session, and hope to see more of you in our part of the world in the near future.


  11. Ali Khan says:

    Dear Woo Hoo.. oops! Chad! 😉

    Your presentations in Karachi were just awesome, we all enjoyed them.

    By the way, when will you post (in this blog) about your visit to Pakistan? 🙂

  12. MSDN Archive says:

    I’ve just posted on Pakistan. Still catching up. 🙂

  13. MSDN Archive says:

    Yes time was an issue in Riyadh. I’m sorry I had to cut my sessions short, but the sessions before me had run over quite a bit.

    I’ll be back at GDC on Jan 30 through Feb 1 and will be presenting topics more in depth. Hope to see you there.

    As far as Dilbert, Dilbert is pretty well known in the software industry, but if you are not familiar with Dilbert be sure to check it out:

    The official Dilbert website.

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