Port Louis, Mauritius Launch and Tech Days – Nov 22-24, 2005

Mauritius? For those that do not know its a small tropical island in the Inidian ocean several thousand kilometers east of Africa with beautiful beaches and lush vegetation. Need I say more? It was a 3 day event with over 700 attendees, but add to that the location and it was no wonder we have 15 international speakers fly in for support, including 5 alone from Istanbul.

The event was called Tech Days Mauritius and was a 3 day event. There were over 700 attendees and the event was held at the University of Technology Mauritius. Currently there are plans to make Tech Days an annual event. If that happens, I think that obtaining speakers will not be an issue.


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  1. GG says:

    yeah the lauch was a great experience.. but to much woo hoo

  2. MSDN Archive says:

    The woo hoo is growing. 🙂

    I just presented in Lahore, Pakistan and the level of excitement is very hard to describe. Something you wouldn’t believe unless you saw it.

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