Important notice! It’s time for me to go now….

I will be leaving Microsoft on September 30. This has nothing to do with Microsoft, and I wish I was able to stay on board as I love my role at Microsoft. However I have a family issue which will not allow me to continue in my position at Microsoft. But I’m still here -…


To all my friends in Pakistan

It appears after my last trip to Pakistan there is still some confusion about why some of my sessions were not presented as planned. I think it must be due to the understanding of the word “crash”. More


The mystery of the cursed case

Over the years I have encountered a lot of really weird computer problems. But my latest one has me more perplexed than ever. Can you solve the mystery of the cursed case? More

Gulf TechNet & MSDN Road show

Unfortunately I will not be on this tour as I have conflicting events, but if you are in the Gulf area be sure to check this out! Cities included the tour are: Muscat, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Manama, Doha, and Kuwait City. Power up your engines for the Microsoft Gulf TechNet and MSDN Roadshow! These interactive and…


Disk shrink tips

Having trouble with a disk shrink utility? Either it will not shrink the disk or will not shrink it as much as you would like? This is likely the problem. More

The YouTube of video games

Hoping to spur interest among video game enthusiasts, creative types and students, Microsoft will offer a consumer version of the professional software tools used to create video games for its Xbox 360 console. More


Why 100% hardware RAID is best

Everyone knows software RAID is slower and because of this most RAID installations are using hardware RAID controllers. But most RAID controllers require special software drivers. And in many cases, that is just the start of your troubles. I just built my system with a transparent RAID controller requiring no software. Here is why I…


When is RAID 0 a good idea?

Everyone told me RAID 0 was a bad idea. But I am always the odd man out. But in my case, RAID 0 really is a good idea. Here is why.

Super Computer Specs

Ok, it is not really a super computer. But it is FAST, and it is portable. I will match it up against any laptop around, and it will best most desktops as well including a few servers. And I do not see many people carrying servers as small hand baggage. Here are the specs for…

When 4 = 3

I just built a new machine and loaded it up with RAM to 4 GB. Little did I know that I would need a 64 bit version of Windows to use it all. After all 32 bits allows for 4 GB of address space, and the Microsoft web site says Windows 32 bit can handle…