How to create a crash dump for Axapta processes ?


All clients lose connection to the AOS Server. If the Axapta AOS or client process crashes for any reason, it is recommended to create a crash dump, of the failing process.

Here are the steps to do so:

  1. Download the Microsoft debugging tools, from here:
    The 64-bit Version is available here:
  2. Install the debugging tools on the problem machine.
  3. Switch to the install folder of the debugging tools using the command line.
  4. Attach the tracing tool(adplus) to the crashing process. 
  5. Use the following command line options to attach the debugger.
    adplus –crash –pn ax32.exe
    adplus –crash –pn ax32serv.exe


    adplus –crash –p <PID>

    To enable the Process ID, go to Task Manager\View\Select Columns…

    PID (Process Identifier)

  6. Now the tracing tool is active and should generate a crash dump, once the process  crashes.
  7. You will find the dump file in the installation folder of the debugging tools.
  8. A correct crash dump file should look like this:


    Please focus on the 2nd_chance in the title. Please reattach the tracing tool again in case you get only 1st_chance exception, or just a log file(has a *.log extension).



  9. Once you have created a second chance crash dump file, send it to the Microsoft MBS support to get the file analyzed in detail.

Martin Ch

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  1. balazss says:

    Nice article, the only thing I’m missing a listing of when and how to use the "-fullonfirst" option.

  2. Martin Falta says:

    Thanks for hint Balazs. I’ll extend the article with description of this option.

  3. Frankie says:

    Hi, I wonder How to manage the size of the dump file. I don’t want the dump file to get larger and larger, and take all the space of my harddisk.

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