C# Express is Alive. IT’S ALIVE!!!

I'm proud to tell you all about the availabilty *today* of C# Express
for the insanely high price of $0.  That's right.  You can
get streamlined and slick version of Visual Studio with complete
support for C# editing, WinForms development and debugging for
FREE!  I worked hard on this product (from the feature level all
the way to Sku creation) and i'm incredibly proud of it.  Having a
free development platform is something that i've been wanting to
provide ever since i came to the company.  You were always able to
develop on windows for free using the SDKs we've provided. 
However, there's a vast difference between using notepad and a csc.exe
and having a rich development environment that can make development so
much faster.

So if you want a great,  free IDE head over to the C# Express
page and go get it.  Or, heck, if you want to try out the IDE to
see what it's like before shooting for one of it's more expsensive
simplblings, you now can find out what they're like without needing a
beta.  And, i might as well mention it, if you want great, free VB, C++, ASP.Net, J# tools or even SQL Server, you can get those for free as well!!!

This is an awesome day for me and i hope it is for you as well!

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  1. DeepICE says:

    Is this a new thing or was it always supposed to be free. I rember reading that they were going to go for about $95

  2. staceyw says:


  3. DeepICE says:

    BTW. It’s not FREE. Microsoft is being kind of enough to you to allow you to use it for a year.

  4. mabster says:

    That’s not true, DeepICE. If you download it within the next year, it’s free forever. Check Dan Fernandez’s announcement on his blog.

  5. loc says:

    Awesome! Thanks for creating these great tools for students, hobbyish, and the slow laptop I have that now can bring C# and SQL everywhere I go. (Is it impossible to make ASP.NET Express and IIS Express?)

    I just hope they will replace GVIM + gcc in the schools labs soon.

  6. nealho says:


    Is it impossible to make ASP.NET Express and IIS Express?

    As Cyrus mentioned in his list, there is an Express SKU for ASP.NET called <a "href=http://msdn.microsoft.com/vstudio/express/vwd/default.aspx">Visual Web Developer Express</a>.

    IIS is not a programming language like C# or VB or even ASP.NET. IIS is the web application server that is a part of Windows, and comes with WinXP Pro (afaik, not Home) and Windows server (both 2k and 2k3). ASP.NET is designed to run on IIS. I’m not sure what you’d be looking for in "IIS Express." 🙂

  7. nealho says:

    eep, comments don’t like html. Here’s the URL I was shooting for.


  8. loc says:

    Neal: I was thinking about IIS Lite (& free), and wanting one since I don’t understand why XP Home on my laptop doesn’t have it.

  9. loc says:

    Thanks for the link, Neal. I’ll figure out if I can download/install IIS on XP Home.

  10. CyrusN says:

    Loc: I would imagine that IIS isn’t made available for XP Home users as it’s a product that’s only 0.00001% of all XP Home users would use 🙂

  11. loc says:

    And memory served me right. I’m stuck with XP Home and can’t install VWD 2005 on it.

  12. CyrusN says:

    Loc: AFAIK, you should have no problem installing VWD Express on XP home. What issue are you seeing?

  13. loc says:

    Cyrus, I agree with you, but at least let me download and install it on Home. It must be hard to have that option. Anyway, these new tools are sweet enough to upgrade the thing to XP Pro.

  14. loc says:

    Cyrus: Really? VWD doesn’t need IIS? This must be new.

  15. loc says:

    I mean I haven’t used VWD, so I’m not aware of that.

  16. CyrusN says:

    Loc: VWD comes with it’s own mini web server that you can develop against. WHen you’ve completed your work you can use any of a huge number of cheap hosters to host your ASP.Net application.


  17. loc says:

    that’s exactly what i need, C#rus. thanks for cheering me up.

  18. Johnny Moondog says:

    If you check the Visual Studio Express FAQ it says its free for 1 year. Still a bargain tho at $49.

  19. austro says:

    "…as long as you download Visual Studio Express on or before November 7th 2006, you will not have to pay for it."

  20. James says:

    Hey Cyrus this is completely off topic but what do you use to format and color the C# code you post? It looks really nice and the HTML is very clean.

  21. loc says:



    private void SearchTextBox_KeyUp(object sender, System.Windows.Forms.KeyEventArgs e)


    if (e.KeyCode == Keys.Enter)






    yeah, how do you post C# code that?

  22. loc says:

    test 2:

    <BLOCKQUOTE dir=ltr style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px"><PRE class=coloredcode><SPAN class=kwd>int</SPAN> i = 5;

    <SPAN class=kwd>string</SPAN> s = <SPAN class=st>"Hello"</SPAN>;

    <SPAN class=kwd>double</SPAN> d = 1.0;

    <SPAN class=kwd>int</SPAN>[] numbers = <SPAN class=kwd>new int</SPAN>[] {1, 2, 3};

    <SPAN class=clss>Dictionary</SPAN>&lt;<SPAN class=kwd>int</SPAN>,<SPAN class=clss>Order</SPAN>&gt; orders = <SPAN class=kwd>new</SPAN> <SPAN class=clss>Dictionary</SPAN>&lt;<SPAN class=kwd>int</SPAN>,<SPAN class=clss>Order</SPAN>&gt;();


  23. loc says:

    when you’re logged in blogs.msdn.com, this textbox probably has advanced features to copy & paste code block, I guess.

  24. This is great news. Well done to you and your team Cyrus.

    I had suspected that these tools were going to be free, but it’s excellent to see it finally be made public.

    My only suggestion for the pages of each Express product is to:

    – add the download size

    – add the EULA

    I haven’t seen either, and downloading all the way to South Africa is a mission.

  25. loc says:

    Yes! I’ll be able to download them tonight, finally.

    Hey, how are you mastering C#3 and working on VS 05 at the same time? How do you gain a new skill? Share with us if you could.

  26. loc says:

    Does anyone know if I can install SxS VS03, VS05, and those Express products? Thanks!

  27. asdf says:

    Cyrus, dude, have you stopped blogging or what?

  28. Cyrus (Not Actually) says:

    I will not go two months without blogging.

  29. David Campeau says:

    C# Express is Alive… unfortunatly this blog isn’t 🙁

    Was informational and entertaining while it lasted.

    Thanks Cyrus,

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