Trying to get to gmail...

Trying to get to gmail...

Where oh where is gmail???

C:\Documents and Settings\cyrusn>nslookup gmail.google.com

*** Can't find server name for address Non-existent domain

*** Default servers are not available

Server:  UnKnown


*** UnKnown can't find gmail.google.com: Non-existent domain

Nonexistent apperantly.  🙁

Oh this is not good.  Very very not good.

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  1. For future reference it’s, (in case you’re still having issues!)

  2. Peter Wisner says:

    I may be pointing out the obvious but 192.168 is your local router subnet. you don’t really think gmail is on your local subnet do you?

    BTW … this post is so good, at first I thought it might be poetry

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