Happy Birthday to Me!

Wow!  I was born on April 30th, and this year that means i'm going to not only get to celebrate my birthday but also:

  1. Kirsten Dunst's birthday! (yummy)
  2. The opening of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!!
  3. The release of OSX 10.4 Tiger!!!
  4. The return of Family Guy!!!!

Could this possibly be the best birthday ever?

Comments (9)

  1. Harish says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Mine is on the the 28th which Jessica Alba also happens to share :D.

  2. jgeurts says:

    5. Get laid by Kirsten Dunst

    🙂 Happy birthday…

  3. Shawn Burke says:

    Dude, we share a birthday. And a love of The Family Guy.

  4. CyrusN says:

    Nick: And HHG2TG and OSX are on the 29th. But that’s ok. The point is that this Birthday(s) are going to rule 😉

  5. steven says:

    Lots of festivities on your birthday here in the Netherlands. April 30th is the day the Queen celebrates her birthday [it was actually her mum’s birthday, but her own is on a very inconvenient date for a national holiday].


    How old’re you gonna be?

  6. iman n.karimi says:

    salam charles,

    happy birthday to you, and i hope you will celebrate your 100th birthday.

    yours sincerely


  7. CyrusN says:

    Iman: It’s "cyrus" not "charles" 🙂

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