Note to self

Note to self: When an email receipt doesn't come in for some big ticket
item you've just purchased (like your conference tickets), check your
junk-mail folder.

Bad GMail!  Bad!!  Sun may be evil, but they're not spammerz 😀

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  1. David says: least you found them. Whew..

  2. Paolo Marcucci says:

    That’s what you get for trusting Google 🙂

  3. DrPizza says:

    GMail’s spam filtering is IME crap. Nowhere even close to as effective as Outlook IMF + SpamBayes.

  4. CyrusN says:

    Yeah. Unfortunately, i think that GMail has the best web based interface for reading mail. Actually… scratch that. I think it has the best interface (web or client app) for email.

    I am a bit worried about it when things like this happen.

  5. DrPizza says:

    Frankly I find gmail’s interface crap. The *best* interface for e-mail (bar none) is pine. Outlook 2k3 comes second. Of all the web-based clients I’ve used, OWA in Exchange 2k3 is king of the hill.

  6. CyrusN says:

    DrPizza: "The *best* interface for e-mail (bar none) is pine."

    On top of that, it’s still me preferred way to read email when i want to make absoltuely sure that there is no spam crap (like tracking images and whatnot) embedded in it.

    Sure the modern email clients all seem to have a good track record when it comes to these issues. But pine *never* had a problem, so i don’t mind sticking with the tried and true.

  7. Diego Mijelshon says:

    I get a lot of false positives with Gmail… but since I don’t get any real spam (it’s a new account), I just go to the spam folder and move everything to the Inbox… :-/

  8. DrPizza says:

    One thing I’ve often wondered is whether it’d be possible/practical to add pine keystroke bindings to Outlook.

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