Nifty blog notification feature

So i just realized that with this new blog system we have, there's a
new way for you to get notifications about changes to the blog. 
Instead of just rss and atom you can also get email
notifications.  This is handy if you're following on in the
conversation and you want to know if there have been any
responses.  Now, maybe your RSS reader already tells you about
this, but RSS Bandit (my reader of choice) doesn't.  If you want
these notifications, just click the email link in the upper right
corner and register:


Note: i'm also sending all the feedback about how having a conversation
currently sucks because you can't post a reply and see the previous
replies at the same time.  Sorry that that's taking so long to fix.

Comments (4)

  1. X.Static says:

    Unfortunately you have to register with for this feature to work. I’m not adverse to that, but a lot of folks are; I’ve been pleading with the guys over at Telligent to include an email textbox in the post comments control for anonymous users (to enable email notifications). The CS database schema already supports it, why they didn’t include it in 1.0 is beyond me.

    There is a fix for your second complaint; but that entails recompiling from source. He actually has posted quite a few fixes for CS (has a post category devoted to it).


  2. CyrusN says:

    X.Static: Thanks for the info! Hopefully the Telligent people will eventually be able to make thsi experience a lot nicer for our readers!

  3. Hey says:


    I wanted to enable people to get email notifications automatically when I  write a new post on my blog. I use Whats the best way to achieve this?

    I would be grateful if you could give me the answer to this question (comment on some post on my blog, I will read it).

    Thanks a lot.




  4. Tim says:

    I use bloglet…I am looking for another way to do this.

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