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I got a message from a couple of my readers that they were finding it hard to read the new page because of the light on dark text.  Interestingly enough i find it far more readable this way, but i definitely do not want people to be frustrated with the new scheme.  So i've chosen a new skin and hacked up some CSS to get it to look like this.  Tell me what you think!


Also, and this is important.  Tell me if you find either style to be unreadable.  I'd rather pick an "ok" skin that everyone can read, then a skin that is "awesome" for some people (like myself) but "unreadable" for others.

Here's what the old scheme looked like:


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  1. Kevin Dente says:

    Nice. Much easier to read.

  2. Anonymous Coward says:

    I liked the old scheme better. It throws you off initially. However, if you stay on the page for 10-15 seconds, you realize that it is nice on the eyes. You had some code in one of the posts and it was in dark blue, I suppose. That looked a bit jarry. I would give a thumbs up to the old scheme.

  3. Is there a screenshot of the older harder to read one? This one looks fine, but it would be nice to compare the two.

  4. agentmoose says:

    the earth tones are nice

    (how I ended up at your blog?

    there was a link at the main page in recent posts)

  5. Scott says:

    dude, it’s your blog. Pick the one you like the best.

  6. The old scheme looks fine, except for the code block. You could just put a lighter background on the pre tag to take care of that.

  7. Karl says:

    As one of the people who wrote into Cyrus, I gotta say this is _a lot_ better. I find the white on black very hard to read…I agree with Scott that it’s Cyrus’ blog and he can do what he wants…I also think it’s pretty reasonable to let cyrus know that some people might have a hard time with the colours he’s picked. If my eyes are getting old, it don’t seem promising for the rest of me….

  8. CyrusN says:

    Scott (not williams, the other one):

    The purpose of my blog is so that i can interact and communicate with the community. If I’m turning people away with the color scheme then that limits the amont of communication i can do 🙁

    Personally, i’m fine with both styles. ALthough i want to change some of the orange in the new style to be a bit darker. If it means that i’m not hurting people’s eyes then i’m all for that 🙂

  9. Two words: Alternate Stylesheets.

    I like both, but if you want to use your old theme, then you really should style the code samples to be on a white background. The blue keywords and grey comments are difficult to read.

    Does CommunityServer allow the end user to choose a stylesheet? If not, it certainly seems like it would be a great feature. If not, there are some javascript on the web that can provide this feature.

  10. Time to whip this blog into shape.  I really like what some of my co-workers have been up to. I’m…

  11. damien morton says:

    White on Black is definately standard. You might also wnt to make your font size slightly larger. On Firefox, its not quite readable as is, especially for people with poor eyesight (like me).

  12. Joku says:

    The new rounded style looks more pro definetely. The white on black vs black on white question is interesting.

    I would say that on the old theme the code sample with blue grey green etc is very unreadable. The orange type of color jumps out too much. The plain white text on dark background can be very intense if we assume good lighting for LCD’s where the backlight has less effect on contrast and the display is tuned for well lighted environment. Essentially white on dark background is not that good choice for modern displays. Pure white background should also be avoided.

  13. I use NewsGator. I don’t care what you format it like. 😉

  14. Richard Berg says:

    Stick with white backgrounds. Your audience is composed of hackers almost by definition, therefore (1) they are more likely than average to be using good hardware (2) they have the ability to hack a custom CSS if they really want, or at least the know-how to implement one if you provide it for them.

  15. Tbone says:

    The blue on dark grey was definitely hard on the eyes. I prefer dark text on a light background.

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