Riddle me this (part 2)

How an Eric post a blog at 7:54 PM, when it’s not even 7:00 PM yet?              Strange things are afoot.


Riddle me this

So I was playing around with my computer options today (yes, it was a slow Friday), and i came across a dialog i’d seen a thousand times before.  Specifically the Visual Effects dialog:              And i started dinkering around in it.  Then all of a sudden, while i was scrolling down to see some more…


Rename refactoring on a private field takes too long; analyzes full solution

We received an excellent bug from Michael Teper commenting that rename was taking too long in a scenario that should have been faster.  Not only does he mention his dissatisfaction but he also took the time to suggest a way that we could be much faster in a very specific renaming scenario.  Specifically, if you…


Difficulties with non-nullable types (part 4)

So far i’ve discussed two interesting problems that arise when you try to add non-nullable types to C# and .Net.  The first problem was that non-nullable instance fields might be accessed before being initialized, but we were able to come up with a good model (from C++ no less) that would allow that to work. …


Difficulties with non-nullable types (part 3)

In the last post on this topic i talked about how it was critical that by the time a non-null type was used it was provably assigned some non-null value.  The cases that came up were specifically instance fields in classes.  In that post i showed how would could change how types were initialized to…


Happy Birthday to Me!

Wow!  I was born on April 30th, and this year that means i’m going to not only get to celebrate my birthday but also: Kirsten Dunst’s birthday! (yummy) The opening of The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy!! The release of OSX 10.4 Tiger!!! The return of Family Guy!!!! Could this possibly be the best birthday…


Difficulties with non-nullable types (part 2)

The fundamental difficulty that arises when trying to implement non-nullable types is actually enforcing that the value is not ever null.  With value types, this is ensured by having a strict rule that there must exist a public no-arg constructor that does nothing.   This restriction is ok for certain value types (like the core primitives…


Difficulties with non-nullable types (part 1)

For those of you who don’t read the comments made on other posts of mine, you might be unaware about a little conversation that’s been going on about nullable types in this post.  Both Stuart and DrPizza have made extremely good points about the drawbacks of our current implementation and we are taking their feedback…


When is HTML not HTML?

So i was looking at a folder on my disk and i was quite suprised to see the following:              Two html files with different icons.  I thought maybe i had a extensions turned off and these were actually epl-v10.html.wordhtml or something weird like that.  So i took a look at at…


My Commitments

So following in my boss’ stead of posting his commitments, i thought i’d do the same.  Here they are, in no particular order: reinvent value-added markets brand e-business technologies benchmark value-added content optimize one-to-many infrastructures enable innovative niches integrate real-time mindshare aggregate collaborative content repurpose transparent platforms reinvent visionary solutions visualize end-to-end initiatives And, above…