I am a beautiful unique snowflake (and you aren’t)

So how many of you can search for your name on google and have it show up as the first hit?  I can do it with my last name, and i'm pretty high up there with my first.  Eventually i will become the most important "Cyrus" out there as far as google is concerned (and really, does anything else matter).  And all the "Billy Ray"'s and email servers can realize that they're all just Cyrus wannabes.

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  1. Dario Fruk says:

    "posted on Thursday, March 24, 2005 2:11 AM"

    Too much coffee yesterday? 🙂

  2. DrPizza says:

    There’s also the SASL implementation.

    But you’re not even unique at Ars http://episteme.arstechnica.com/eve/ubb.x/a/tpc/f/6330927813/m/458001542731.

  3. Sam Jost says:

    When I search for my full name in parantheses ("Sam Jost") every link on the first page is related to me.

    A coworker of mine is even better, when he enters his last name into google *every* page found is him or one of his sisters. *thats* unique.


  4. Radu Grigore says:

    I can do it with my handle: rgrig.

  5. I just checked, I am first Chaniewski and 55 Michal on Google 🙂 And this is pretty nice, as Michal is one of the most popular polish names…

    Kind regards,

    Michal 🙂

  6. Nick says:

    Well.. with my first and last name together I’m the #1 hit. With just my last name… I’m so far burried it’s not even funny. Some guy named Albert Schweitzer keeps jumping to the top of the list. Honestly… could that guy have been that important? 😉

  7. I come up #1 for my last name and my first/last combo. But not for just first. It helps when you own (your last name).com.

  8. Prathiraj says:

    Try my name, it’s only me on the web 🙂

  9. Brian Schkerke says:

    Put my last name in and every hit is me until page 5 or so, then you get a few on my family. 🙂

  10. Jeff Atwood says:

    Always remember that you are unique, just like everyone else.

  11. number 1 for first/last, and number 8 for just my first :-). it’s the ‘y’ that does it…

  12. Ariel Raunstien says:

    Number one on the last (plus – google thinks I’ve misspelled my name. Can it get any better?)

  13. asfasdf says:




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