Guh! – buh!! – wuh!!!

bool CInclusionCriteriaMatcher::NestedTypesMatch() {

    CInheritance inheritanceTree;


    if (SUCCEEDED(inheritanceTree.Initialize(this->type, true/*fInherit*/))) {

        while (inheritanceTree.MoveNext()) {

            if (NestedTypesMatch(inheritanceTree.Current())) {

                return S_OK;





    return false;


Spot the bug?

In beautiful C++ land it's perfectl fine to implicitly convert an HRESULT to a bool.  Of course, S_OK gets converted to "false" so this function ends up doing... you guessed it... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Sigh.  Anyways, the score currently stands at:

Stupid languages that allow bizarre narrowing conversions without warning you: -129

Great girls who program with you late at night and keep you productive even with crap like above: +infinity

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  1. Stuart Dootson says:

    Hmmmm – not sure I entirely agree with your C++ criticism, Cyrus….

    S_OK is #defined as 0 – an integer literal, so the text the compiler sees (after pre-processing, remember) is ‘return 0’. What are the valid values of a bool? 0 or 1(false or true). Therefore the compiler can statically determine that there is no narrowing, which is why you get no warning.

    Use some integer literal other than 0 or 1 and you will get told. For example – in the code below, I get a warning for ‘blah = 2;’.

    void Flibble()


    bool blah = S_OK;

    blah = 1;

    blah = 2;


  2. Me says:

    Stupid languages that allow to hide your code with UGLYMACRO : how much ?

  3. Stuart: 0 is an integer literal. so it narrowed that integer to a boolean without telling me. That’s bad.

  4. Mikey says:

    But isnt a boolean also an int? It may not need to take up the space of an int but it does for effeciency

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