Mailbox full

"Mailbox full!  Item returned to sender!  Please clear up a little space or contact your administrator."

Except this time my adminsitrator is the United States Post Office.  Yes, that's right, my physical mailbox spam has gotten so bad that now i'm getting mail bounced.  Last time i checked my mail was Saturday.  So that means that every 3 days i get enough crap that a 6 inch by 6 inch by "really deep" fills completely.  Ugh... what is wrong with these people.  I mean, i don't mind the lingerie ads, but somtimes enough is enough.

So now i have to go to the post office to pick up some mail which is being held there *and* i have to change my viewing habits to check my mail every day (or every other day at worst).  Plus i get the joy of having to stand in line for God knows how long tomorrow.  Wonderful.  Is there some sort of national "do not spam my through mail", or some sort of Bayesian mailman that just dumps all this stuff out like GMail does?

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  1. Sometimes you can read about those Bayesian mailmen in the media. But they are very "buggy". Seems like they believe all the mail is spam, and therefore doesn’t deliver it to you 🙂

  2. Marcus Stade says:

    Here in sweden it’s actually illegal to hand out spam which isn’t directly and specifically addressed to you. Should you get any even in spite of that, you can press charges.

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