Knight in Shining Armor

So we started watching The Vision of Escaflowne with friends.  I haven’t seen it in like seven years, so it’s practically new to me (although i rapidly remembered how much i hate Merle).  I’d looked for an Escaflowne model out there but hadn’t found anything I liked.  However, until that happens i’ve always got this…


Phun photos!

One of my friend’s took this shot and put it on on his blog: I liked it a lot because it reminded me of a picture i generated from the ray tracer i wrote: (click on photo for full sized image) And yet even with all my reflections and translucency hullabaloo, his looks so much…


Little learning exercise

i had an idea for a little bit of code i wanted to write that would give me an opportunity to learn about a lot of bits of technology that i am currently pretty ignorant about.  i wanted to create a little service that would help keep my system defragged, but would have better characteristics…


Can anybody hear me?

There are many people i work with here that i admire immensely.  Devs, PMs, QA, UE, Loc, (hell… even management) all include people who i look up to every day.  But of those set of amazing people there’s a special “cream of the crop” area for those who are sometimes too dazzling to stare directly…


More reasons i like C++

Error 1 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol “public: void __thiscall  CNamedItemTable::AddIfNotSet(class ATL::CStringT<unsigned short,class  ATL::StrTraitATL<unsigned short,class ATL::ChTraitsCRT<unsigned short> > >  const &,class CSmartPtr<class CGlyph,class CGlyph,class  CDefaultSmartPointerTraits<class CGlyph> >)” (?AddIfNotSet@CNamedItemTable@@ QAEXABV?$CStringT@GV?$StrTraitATL@GV?$ChTraitsCRT@G@ATL@@@ATL@@@ATL@@V?$C SmartPtr@VCGlyph@@V1@V?$CDefaultSmartPointerTraits@VCGlyph@@@@@@@Z) referenced  in function “private: long __thiscall CTypeData::BindHelper_BaseNameToGeneric( class CInheritance &,class CBindData const &,struct LocationContext &,enum NamespaceInclusionFlags::_Enum,class CTypeRef *,struct INameProvider * *)” (?BindHelper_BaseNameToGeneric@CTypeData@@AAEJAAVCInheritance@@ABVCBindData@ @AAULocationContext@@W4_Enum@NamespaceInclusionFlags@@PAVCTypeRef@@PAPAUINam eProvider@@@Z) TypeData.obj…


Code that’s old enough to drink

I heard a great expression today when talking with another team here: “Code that’s old enough to drink.” In other words, code that’s been around for more than 21 years.  Now if that were teens, i’d make some joke about it be temperamental and “trying to be different”.  But instead, since it’s in its 20s,…


I am a beautiful unique snowflake (and you aren’t)

So how many of you can search for your name on google and have it show up as the first hit?  I can do it with my last name, and i’m pretty high up there with my first.  Eventually i will become the most important “Cyrus” out there as far as google is concerned (and…


Crashing in cslangsvc.dll

On a whim i did a search in Google to see what it would find for cslangsvc.dll.  I was just trying it out to see how well it did with filename searches since it used to be in the past that Search sites would usually split that into “cslangsvc” and “dll” and then present you…


You’ve got to be kidding me!

In the spirit of the post on Covariant Return Types, and “Death by a thousand cuts”, i thought I’d mention yet another intensely aggravating part of .Net development.  This one isn’t about C# per se, but C# is affected by it. I’m going to use a real world example here. In the .Net FX v1.0…


No way!

Could it be?  Might we all be so lucky?  Is it just some elaborate hoax?  Could they ever do it justice in a movie?  Can i stop giggling and jumping up and down like a schoolgirl?  Will the rhetorical questions ever end?