I feel kinda weird posting about a topic as trivial as this when there are infinitely more important things going on in the world right now, but i needed to get it off my chest before i went to bed.  I was spending a great night with my sisters which involved watching this reality show called "The Amazing Race."  The premise of the show seemed fairly interesting; a bunch of teams are given tasks that require them to travel all around the world and solve problems and win prizes in exchange.  Unfortunately, the actaul contents proved to be one of the most disguting things I've seen in a long time.

For those that saw tonight's show: no, i'm not talking about the regurgitation and subsequent consumption of one's own vomit.  That's just a biological thing and i'm not easily affected by those sights (working in an emergency room for a couple of years makes you able to handle pretty much anything).  No, what i'm referring to was the near unbelievable treatment of one of the contestants by her husband.  While going through an ordeal that would make my strong stomach curl, this woman was insulted, derided, criticized, and demeaned.  She was called names and sneered at while crying at the pain that the current task was causing her.

Maybe i'm blind to what was actually going on and this was actually the support that this woman needed.  But it sure didn't seem like that to me.  Personally, i wanted her to throw up all over him.

If this is what reality TV is like, then I'm glad I haven't been watching.  bleagh

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  1. The Good doctor says:

    didn’t see the show (I am adverse to the concept of staged "reality" shows) and am glad you saw the possibility that the deriding comments you saw and heard may have been just the tonic requirwed tgo keep up the effort; BUT I am with you .. Bleagh! all over their shoes, shirt fronts, bare chests, and hairy legs

    Tonight: Robert MacNeil on "Do You Speak American?" and a two-hour intro to the ’05 "Aiias" season: flip a coin OR read a book

    But for heaven’s sake, give that LED a break before it melts in your lap: Bleagh!

  2. A few things to point out:

    – I find reality TV abhorent, as will ^anyone^ else you ask. Everyone says it is disgusting, and that they hate it. However, every one of those people will have one show that they love. Personally, I love "Best Week Ever" on VH1. Granted, it’s not "reality" in the sense that it videotapes people’s lives, but it’s not good drama either.

    – While I don’t condone what the guy did, you are right, maybe that is the insipration she needed. Perhaps he is her b!tch behind closed doors. We see so little of the picture, and become so enraged over it (almost as if it was done to us). Then again, this is why we have a justice system (because people as a whole obviously can’t make balanced decisions about most situations).

    – Take The Good doctor’s advice, watch "Alias". I also recommend "Lost", you can pick up at any episode, since they are all early ones. Catch a re-run of "Smallville", or watch a new episode of "The West Wing".

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