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I have an urgent question that i need someone from the greater Seattle area to answer.  I'm looking to find some really excellent buffalo wings that can be delivered or are to go.  By excellent, i really mean excellent.   Meaty, tasty, *HOT*.  I want names like "Suicide", "XXX", "Inferno", "Nuclear", etc.  I want wings that range from just burning your lips all the way to making your stomach to jumping jacks (and i can take a lot of heat... mmm texan wings).  If anyone knows the right place to go let me know!!

PS: If you say Hooters then you clearly don't know what you're talking about 🙂

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  1. Scott says:

    The only places I’ve ever had wings in this city have been over in the U-district. Try Wing Dome on University way or that wing place on Roosevelt, the name escapes me, beside Scarecrow video. I think the place on Roosevelt delivers, not sure about Wing Dome.

    Dixies on the eastside has hot, buffalo wings but they don’t deliver. Floyd’s in Queen Anne has good BBQ, but I’m not sure if they have buffalo wings.

  2. anon says:

    The place by Scarecrow is Wing Zone, delivers, and has Nuclear Wings. I have never tried them, though many of their other wings are quite hot.

  3. the problem is that you are in Seattle. the closer you get to Mexico, they get hotter … even Hooters wings. i did the visit 20 different Hooters restaurants last year … from Texas to Milwaukee. it is impossible to get anything spicy in Milwaukee, but the Hooters in Texas can handle it. it is sometimes not on the menu, so you have to ask for ‘Bently double-dipped’. the down side is you have to keep the skin on for them to be hot.

  4. Scott says:

    I’ll second the Wing Dome. Their #7 wings are more than I can take (and I like ’em hot)

  5. Henry Boehlert says:

    There’s a Wing Dome in downtown Kirkland


  6. Cleve Littlefield says:

    Stay away from Wing Dome, they are not very good. I am a wing fanatic too, Cyrus, and those are not great. I havent tried Wing Zone though, I will have to do that.

    I havent found anything out here that compares to Buffalo Wild Wings in Vegas (they are a franchise, dont know where they started). If one of those opened here I guarantee you the owners would be rich from my business alone 🙂 .

    Celtic Bayou has some tastry wings, but they are not very hot. Other than that this area is lacking in the wing department…

  7. Scott says:

    I’ll second caseys comment about going south. I spent 4 years living in New Mexico and ALL of the "hot" food up here in Seattle pales in comparison to the green chiles that McDonalds would put on their green chile cheeseburgers down in Albuquerque. That’s not even counting the real mexican places down there and in Santa Fe. If you’re ever in Santa Fe, look up a place called "the shed". Best green chile you’ll ever have.

    The hot wings at Hooters, Hooters for gods sake, put a tear in my eye in Albuquerque, up here I can barely taste the spice. nuclear wings in Abq. … I never had the guts to try. A guy at my table ordered 20 of them once and they made our eyes burn. We made him eat them fast.

  8. So going south isn’t really an option here 🙂

    I don’t want to have to rent a jet just to accomplish this 😉

  9. Aiax says:

    If you have a Hooters up there, their 911 wings are pretty good and hot.

  10. Not really on topic, but what would it take for spicy food to include Scoville ratings? It escapes me why places don’t have those ratings – it makes it next to impossible to know what you’re getting before it’s too late.

    Same for cooking levels of steaks – I’d rather just specify a target internal temperature than having to go back and forth as to what restaurant X considers to be "medium rare"

    Anyway, hope you found some good wings 🙂

    If you’re in Raleigh/Durham at some point, the Angus Barn here has "buffalo turkey wings" – now *that* is tasty – they’re a good level of spice, but tons of meat (as you’d imagine)


  11. to be a little more clear, the name for the hottest Hooters wings depends where you are at. it is 911 at some places, Bently at others, among other names. the key is to ask for the hottest, with the skin, and ask for them to be double dipped. then ask for tabasco sauce too 🙂

  12. Scott says:

    " So going south isn’t really an option here 🙂 "

    If you can spare the time, take a trip to Friday Harbor. They have a firey foods shop there that carries lots and lots of hot, hot sauce including lots of buffalo wing sauce. You can make your own. I picked up some Hatch green chile salsa there last time I went up there.

  13. Dave says:

    Well, I dont know of any restaurants in your area, but as a Buffalonian (i.e. one from Buffalo, NY where Buffalo wings were invented), I reccomend the ‘suicidal’ wing sauce available from http://www.anchorbar.com. Seriously, I couldn’t even tell I still had a jaw after eating their suicidal wings! Also of note is the fact that the Anchor Bar ships their wings around the country, and – as you may or may not know, they invented Buffalo style wings!

  14. I realize this is a late response but I thought I’d mention my solution to wing cravings. I live in Colorado Springs and there are a few decent wing places, one that delivers. The quality varies from visit to visit. Therefore, I bought myself a deep fryer (the only way). The base sauces to use can be of the generic brands (Red Hot is the typical in most wing joints). It’s what you do beyond that that make the wings really good. I don’t measure but the ingredients I use are worcestershire sauce, tobasco sauce, Dave’s Insanity (you have to use some form of habanaro concentrate to give it the kick), pepper and garlic. Deep fry, then put in a container where you can mix in the sauce heavily. They’ve really got to be messy to be good. Have fun.

  15. Millerman says:

    I know the Wing Dome has great wings. Best ever!

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