Olympic Bliss

I have figured out the best way to get my olympics fill for the day.  I go to the gym with some friends and we turn on a different channel on each TV each of which is showing some olympic sport.  NBC, MSNBC, Bravo and even CBC (god bless you kooky canadians).  You can then watch Track and Field, Judo, Swimming, Rowing and Volleyball simultaneously.  Do that for two hours and you've watched eight hours of the sports and that's enough to totally saturate you.

Best quote of the night so far: 

(We're watching one of the many swim matches.  It's just been an incredibly close round with 3 competitors separated by like 3/100s of a second)

Me: "You know what?  It's suprising we haven't seen any ties so far in the olympics."
Moon (my roommate): "Yeah, you're right, and you don't see any vietnamese either."

Me: (brain halts for a few second trying to understand what I've heard.  Five seconds later, just stare at her.  Finally she gets it)
Us: (much laughter ensues)

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  1. John Kemp says:

    Thanks. That made my day. I almost lost my diet Coke.

  2. Moon says:

    Yo it was less than 5 seconds and I just think different. Maybe I should go work for apple.

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