What would you do for a klondike bar?

Would you get goggles permanently affixed to your eyes?  Well, if your Klondike bar is an olympic gold medal, then you just might.  All it takes is a little superglue and you have aerodynamic (or is that hydrodynamic) visual assists that can shave off a few hundreths of a second.  Well at least according to Nike is will:

she looks like a bug!

Of course, this still doesn't explain the weird mirrored goggles that I'm seeing them wear tonight.  Anyone knwo the story behind those?  How do they see through them and (more importantly) what's the benefit to them?

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  1. Don’t you find it a tad silly that people would do this? Or moreover, that they have a commission to decide on what’s permitted?

    They allow all sorts of things to be done, but then make arbitrary calls like certain drugs aren’t allowed in the athletes. I think the games would be more interesting if they just dropped the regulations, perhaps just set a weight/size limit and let people get more creative…

  2. Michael: Personally, I’d be fine with the olympics going one of two ways:

    First way) Everyone nude. Sports that absolute require equipment (like ice skating) get to have just that and nothing else.

    Second way) Go nuts. As long as a human is in there you can do whatever yuo want. Take horse steroids, get biomechanical implants (oh wait… they already have that), and simply try to crush your opponents.

    It would be kind of cool to have both types so that everyone would be satisfied.

  3. David says:

    Well, obviously they wear the mirrored ones because they’re a big fan of William Gibson.

  4. Sean says:

    "Would you get goggles permanently affixed to your eyes? "

    Only if they turned completely opaque in times of peril…

    sorry, it was begging to be said.. 😉

  5. Sean: Somehow that’s not what I pictured Zaphod looking like 🙂

  6. David: Those were much cooler because they could slide out of the way. Of course, they could also shatter. Splintered glass in the face is not my idea of fun :-/

  7. Eric says:

    They wear mirrored lenses because it makes it less bright. And they look cooler than smoked lenses.

  8. Eric: Why would mirrored lenses make it less bright than say… opaque goggles?

  9. My guess on the mirrored thingy? Probably some kind of fancy polarization…I’m sure if you can afford high end swimming googles (and a hot chick to wear them for you), you’d be willing to spend the money for polarized lenses. I’m guessing that mirrored lenses would remove the weird "shininess" that you get with disturbed water. Perhaps this makes the cross easier to see? Perhaps this makes your opponent’s package easier to see? I dunno why you would need to see that well underwater, but then again, I don’t think removing the little nose harness will change your aerodynamic profile any. Now…removing your nose…now THATS an idea to consider.

  10. kenny canuck says:

    i would do you for a klondike bar

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