Name that tune!

I'm watching the opening of the olympics, and besides being wowed by the beauty of the opening ceremony I've also been bouncing in my seat because of the great techno beats being played during the procession of nations.  2 points to the one who can point me to where I can order that CD.   This is one area where google is failing me and I'm depending on you!

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  1. Edward says:

    The DJ’s name is DJ Tiesto, who is our Dutch Pride!

    Over at his forum people are identifying the tracks:

    Glad you enjoyed the sound, I’m a big fan of him.

  2. Haacked says:

    DJ Tiesto… He’s gotta be my favorite Trance DJ along with Paul Van Dyk. Good taste Cyrus!

  3. You guys rock. I recognized one track, remix for "it’s just another day" and albinoni’s adagio, but i didn’t realize he’s doing the entire thing. Paul van Dyk++ Vorsprung Dyk Technik is one of my fav albums (all 3 CDs.

  4. Any idea if you’ll be able to buy this album?

  5. James Snape says:

    One more thing… He was interviewed on BBC Radio 1 just before he did the set. You can listen to it at and click on "Pete Tong’s Essential Selection". It will be available until it’s overwritten next week. The tunes are cool, but if you can’t wait it’s about 55 minutes in…

  6. This won’t be a CD but you can get his latest album Just Be or dowload the live set from sites like or your local p2p network

  7. Grrr. Why does BBC have to use Real. I hate RealPlayer!

  8. Kevin: But real is so fan…[buffering…] [buffering…] [buffering…]tastic

  9. Timbo says:

    Google "Real Alternative". It might not solve any [buffering] problems, but it will eliminate all the extraneous crap that Real insists on installing.

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