Writing your own Web Browser that supports tabs and an integrated search engine link

While there are many browsers out there that do this already like the superb Firefox and My-IE I wanted to link to a really cool article by John Kennedy (unfortunate name I know) on how to build your own version based on top of the IE rendering component available in windows.  Partly because it's just quite cool, shows off C# express, and shows how you can write a pretty complete application with just a few lines of code, but also because John works right down the hall from me and he deserves some props for this article. 

Of course, I hate tabs and the google toolbar already gets me this functionality but it's still sweet John 🙂

Tabs... shudder!!

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  1. Gregg says:

    Good article! Thanks for the link. I’m curious though, where is the tab option in the Google toolbar?

  2. Gregg: Don’t know/Don’t care 🙂

    I mostly don’t use tabs. Or, if I really want to use them i just use firefox which is now my primary browser due mostly to speed.

  3. Gregg: Don’t know/Don’t care 🙂

    I mostly don’t use tabs. Or, if I really want to use them i just use firefox which is now my primary browser due mostly to speed.

  4. AndrewSeven says:

    Yay, somebody else who doesn’t like tabs.

  5. Jerry Pisk says:

    The article is very misleading. It is not about writing your own browser, it’s about hosting Internet Explorer. Whatever you create will be IE, not a new browser. Any IE security holes will still apply, even though you might think that you’re safe because you’re not running IE, you’re running your own browser.

  6. Jerry: The article isn’t misleading at all. John states explicitly that he’s using the preexisting webbrowser control to do almost all of the work for him.

    I also stated that explicitly in my paragraph and cited My-IE a third party tool that does the same.

    I do not think that anyone doing this would think for a second that they weren’t using the IE html rendering component.

  7. drebin says:

    For the Ant-Tabbers out there:

    I use MyIE2 – and I use the tabs for pretty much two "things" – one is fark.com – because it keeps all the things I want to look at later in nice neat tabs.. and secondly – are these MSDN blogs. You can right-click a link and it opens in a new tab – AND (probably the coolest thing) is it has "groups". So I have a "MSDN Blogs" group – that has like 30 blogs that I normally check everyday. So I open this up, open the group, shrink down the window – and when I come back – I just start going through the tabs.. when I run out of tabs, I’m done.

    You can right-click a tab to close it and again – for anything cool I see on any page, I just middle-mouse click it, it opens it in a new tab (and doesn’t disrupt my page) and I keep reading.. It’s really VERY intuitive.. the MYIE implementation of tabs is by far the best and most intuitive..

    But yes – for everything else, I find tabbed browsing to be annoying and claustrophobic.

  8. ben says:

    The article seemed to imply that Firefox is, like MyIE and AvantBrowser, merely a wrapper around the MSHTML rendering engine, but it’s not — Firefox uses Gecko.

  9. Ben: How so? All I ever said about firefox wsa that it was a superb browser that had tabs and integrted search. I never said, or implied that it used mshtml. All I said was that you could build your own by reusin gthe existing rendering component we provide.

  10. Lothir says:

    Can some one tell me how i create a browser?

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