HELP!!! Finder has gone insane!!!

Ok, serious problem happening and I hope someone out there can help explain it to me or tell me a solution. Starting yesterday the Finder in OSX started sucking up every last free bit of CPU. I tried killing it, but it would just restart with the same problem. I couldn't restart my machine since I was in the middle of some lengthy file transfers over the net. However, this morning first thing I did was reboot and upon login I was faced with the exact same problem!! This is a serious issue as I'm using a laptop and having the CPU running non-stop absolutely decimates the battery life. If you have any idea how to make the Finder stop using 100% CPU, or ways I can investigate what's wrong, please let me know ASAP!! Thanks!

I'm also posting this on the Mac Ach in the hope that someone there might know the answer as well. Note: this is 10.3.4 running on a 15 inch PowerBook with 512 MB Ram.

On a good note, it means my laptop is outputting a ton of heat and keeping me warm on this chilly Seattle morning.

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  1. Steve Jobs says:

    Simple. Dump that Mac and buy a real computer 🙂

  2. Ross says:

    I wonder if the CRON jobs are ever getting a chance to run? Or maybe it’s Finder Extensions that are causing the problem.

    This page should help, try holding down shift when you boot to see if it helps (to narrow down the problem).

    I’ll stop short of the usual dead chicken wave (repair permissions).

  3. Steve: Get your head out of the RDF. I’m staying with this real computer for many more years!

    On a good note, the Mac Ach solved the problem. I have no idea what happened, but deleting my finder preferences and rebooting fixed all.

  4. Tom Meschter says:

    Do the right thing and file a bug report if you haven’t done so already:

    Obviously, such things shouldn’t happen. 🙂

  5. I dunno tom… it might be a feature…

    The "warm your lap while you’re cold in bed" feature…

    Kind of like the keyboard that lights up for you…

  6. Came across this searching for a solution to the same issue, with the caveat that the machine had just had an OS update… thanks for posting the fix. I had been hoping to not have to go that route, but it did the trick.

    Now if I could just get any powerbook i own not to emit a soft high-pitched whine whenever a movie file is left selected in column view with ‘preview’ turned on…

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