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I just moved into my new office this morning.  I'll be lonelier now without Kevin to waste time... i mean *chat* with. However, there were some benefits.  In the old office I'd placed my monitor on top of my PC (note: this is a really dumb thing to do).  About a month ago the PC started making a whining noise that was really annoying.  However, I didn't want to have to figure out where to put three monitors (plus stands) and how to rearrange the two PCs just so I could open it up and figure it out.  However, now that I've moved I was able to figure out that it was a fan on my PCI card that was acting up.  I replaced it with a nice Iceberq and its' running silent again.  I also was able to remove my old dual display card and I replaced with with a nice ATI Radeon that does dual with DVI so I can actually drive my flatscreen properly now.  It's a world of difference and it makes my other monitors look like old fogeys.

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  1. Nick Parker says:

    So will we be seeing pictures of your new office? I’ve always wondered what a developers office looked like at Microsoft.

  2. John Roller says:

    I hope you also cleaned out that inch of dust since you were inside the computer.

  3. Inch? He probably had to break out a shovel just to replace the video card. 🙂

  4. Nick: That can probably be arranged.

    John: Ohhhhhh yeah.

  5. Tom Meschter says:

    So, find any mice nesting in your work computer this time? Or did that only happen the once? 🙂

  6. Og Maciel says:

    Hey there Cyrus,

    I too would be very interested in seeing what a developers office looked like at Microsoft. Looking forward to seeing some of your pix here. 😉

  7. Jeff Casimir says:

    I am glad to see that other devs use 3 monitors. It seems that many people have discovered dual monitors, but haven’t stepped it up to three. I love having the center for workspace, the left for API/docs and the right for comm (email, aim, whatever), music, etc.

  8. Jeff: You disturb me. I have the exact same arrangement 🙂

    Usually the right monitor is just tiled IM windows with oulook underneath.

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