Why the !@#!@@!$ can’t i just download a simple installer for the C# express sku???

That's a question that I've heard a lot about recently.  It's even the #2 suggestion at LadyBug.  You asked, the setup team delivered.  You can now get simple single file installer for all of the express skus and the components that install with them.  The C# installer is here.  Enjoy 🙂


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  1. I imagine most people are wanting to use the 2005 stuff at home, not at work where they can potentially disrupt things. (They are betas, and I found out the hard way that the .NET 2.0 Framework installs some neat utilities into Internet Services Manager… but they also disrupted some of my third party controls and I didn’t have time to find out how to fix them.)

    All in all I downloaded everything in the 2005 series at work – roughly 1.3Gb? – at work on my DS3 @ 800Kbps or so rather than at home on my DSL @ 150Kbps. 🙂

    It does make it much nicer for multiple installs as well, i.e. development teams, etc.

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