Carrie on Wayward Son

Watched Memento last night with Neil. Strangely enough, he'd never seen it before. Of course, I was somewhat envious of him as this meant he got to experience a fantastic movie for the first time, and that's something you can rarely (if ever) do twice.

Then I just got through the watching my two favorite action scenes in Matrix Reloaded; the balcony weapons fight, and the highway chase scenes. For a movie that I find so many faults with, it does have about 15 minutes of the best action that I've ever seen straight through in a movie.

I think it's pretty rare for a movie to have that level of intensity and to carry it that long so successfully. The few other times I have seen that have also been in martial arts movies like the Legend of Drunken Master (1 and 2 {amazing end fight scene}), and Fist of Legend. But these are usually because any plot is just filler in between the fights 😉

Now I have to deal with a dilemma; go to work, or go to bed. Both are about as equally appealing and equally rewarding.

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  1. "Memento" is probably the most cherished DVD in my set, and the fact that Christopher Nolan is directing the next Batman makes me very happy.

    I was in awe when I saw "Memento" for the first time. It was one of the few movies that I watched which made me unaware of where I was, and what I was doing. To me, that is the sign of a truly good movie. Oddly enough, the movie before that which produced the same effect was "The Matrix".

    I think that "Drunken Master 2" had some amazing fight scenes, and I agree with you, quite possibly, the best ever. Do you know of a source that has it on DVD?

  2. DavidL says:

    When confronted with two equally compelling choices….choose both. I say go to work and then go straight to sleep (sounds like a giverment job….wha??????).

  3. Nich: Yup: I have it. 🙂

    Or did you want a source you could buy it from?

    If so, Amazon should have it. That’s where i bought my copy from.

  4. Nich: Agreed on batman. There is potential there to make a great movie and to return batman to its dark roots where it so very much belongs.

  5. Naginata says:

    I think the Memento DVD should have a mode where you can watch all the color scenes backwards, but with the b&w scenes in the same order and the same intervals. It would be probably less interesting, but cool to watch once.

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