New express sku installers available.

Annie Wang (PM on the VS Setup Team) and the rest of the setup team have worked extremely hard to fix up the problems reported during the initial download attempts of the express sku.  She posted this update:

“We have published the new web setup installers for Express SKUs. The new versions of installers should resolve the majority of the download issues we have seen reported. Please give it a try!

Please read the know issues docuement before you start the installation process. We are actively working on getting them fixed for our Beta2 release. We appreciate your feedback and thank you for your patience.”

If you had problems before, please try this out and let us know me know if it solves your problems.  If it doesn't let me know as well so that I can tell the setup team.  Alternatively, you can go through LadyBug, but I can understand your frustration and that you might not want to go through all that hassle.  We really want you to be able to install and run this (cuz otherwise the beta would be kind of pointless 🙂 ), so we're trying to do everything to get through these issues.

Kudos to the Setup Team for their hard work so far.

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  1. Duncan Godwin says:

    Who do I have to make the request to for future betas of Visual Studio 2005 to be one downloadable ISO (DVD) again as they were with the two previews on MSDN? Maybe offer the individual CD’s as well, but personally I prefer one disk.

  2. Duncan: What form are the betas currently in on MSDN?

    I think we don’t want the express skus to be in a DVD iso form because of:

    a) Size

    b) Not everyone has DVD burning utilities.

  3. Duncan Godwin says:

    Sorry, I was refering to the full Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1. Previous previews have been posted as a 2.5 Gb ISO. The latest beta is 6 ISO’s.

    I agree there is no point in making the express editions available on DVD because they probably wouldn’t fill a CD! 🙂

  4. Duncan: Ah. I didn’t realize they were CDs. Ick!! I’ll see if I can find out why. It may just be that we haven’t gotten around to designing the DVD layouts yet.

  5. Bob says:

    I prefer the CD images as I have access to a CD burner at home and work, but no access to a DVD burner at either location and it’s not because I work at a small company; we have 100+ MSDN Universal subscriptions at my work campus.

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