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For all of you Mad Magazine "Spy vs. Spy" fans, you need to check out this site. They've done a animated 3d version (or is it live action?? I can't tell!) of it that looks fantastic. It's one of those cases where someone brought something to life in the exact way I always imagined it. I'm astounded that they could take a flat, motionless comic and transform it so faithfully into a dynamic 3d world. There are pics and videos available at the site, but in the meantime here's a teaser of what it looks like!!!

Spy vs Spy

I saw one of these commercials on adult swim and I was so happy that google showed me this site. Bravo

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  1. Kiliman says:

    Those were awesome! I remember reading Spy vs. Spy when I was a kid.

    Anyway, in one of the reviews (link on site), it states:

    "(The people in the creepy spy suits are four-foot-something women—they moved better than men—one of whom is a dancer and one a veteran of Cirque de Soleil.) "

    So it appears to be a combination of live-action and CG. I think they did a phenomenal job.


  2. BillT says:

    Hmmm … Can a video game be far away?

  3. Westin says:

    It looks like Seagal is more popular. Not from where I stand. These commercials are awesome.

  4. Kiliman: Awesome. Me 2!! I also read the reviews (which were pretty darn good) and ended up even more amazed about the adds.

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