Well duh!

I just had a profound “well duh” moment a minute ago.  I started watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon because:

  1. I love the movie

  2. I wanted to have something on in the background while i made dinner for myself

Of course, what i didn't consider was that a movie spoken a language I don't understand makes for a very back choice for background filler.  Of course, I completely didn't realize it until i started watching, but  now it seems so obvious.  Ah well, i've switched to Saving Private Ryan instead.  But dubbed in french.  Muahahahah!!

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  1. My Crouching Tiger DVD has English 5.1 soundtrack among few other options. Chinese with English subtitles is just a default.

  2. Mikhail: My god… have you listened to the awful english dubbing?? It makes my skin crawl!!

  3. Luc Cluitmans says:

    Which reminds of the time I went to see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon in the cinema. I am a dutchman living in Finland, but haven’t lived here long enough yet to understand Finnish very well. Luckily the lady at the Cinema subtly mentioned, "You are aware that the movie is spoken in Chinese, with Finnish and Swedish subtitles, aren’t you?". They had had several foreigners come back already because they couldn’t understand a word of it… We switched our tickets to another movie that was running at the same time.

  4. jaybaz [MS] says:

    I remember going to see _Romuald et Juliette_ in Malmö.

    My Mom would listen to the French, and translate to English for my kid brother. (He spoke perfect Swedish, but didn’t know how to read yet). Meanwhile I was reading the Swedish subtiles.

    We each got the jokes at a different time.

    The Swedish title was _Mamma, Det Ligger en Vit Man i Din Säng_.


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