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We've been hearing a lot of reports from customers that they're having trouble installing the express skus under pretty normal system setups.  The setup team is working very hard to fix these issues and to get updated setups to help alleviate these issues. 

In the meantime i'm going to try dogfooding the install to see if I run into any issues which I can then tell them about.

I'll let you know more if there are any updates about this issue in the next few days.

Edit: I'm rather impressed.  I filled out my registration information and was prompted to run the vcsexpress.exe installer program.  I was given the option to install Sql Express and MSDN express.  However, since that would have been like 250 MB more, I opted against it leaving the install size at 50 MB.  I was then presented with the following screen:

express installer

Everything downloaded fine and the installer ran for about 20-30 minutes while I ate.  At the end, there was no ask to reboot or anything.  I was pretty happy about that given that in installed the entire .net framework.  Afterwards I was able to open the editor and make my own project without a hitch.

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  1. Don Newman says:

    I ran into a couple install issues myself. One thing is that the servers seemed to be getting bogged down so the download during installation had a tendency to die. As the rush starts to taper off I’m sure this issue will resolve itself.

    Another thing I found is that it didn’t seem to want to create the folder it was installing to. I switched to an adminstrator and manually created the installation folder.

    Everything is now up and running. Hopefully I can get a chance to do a little poking around the IDE and come up with a little app to try building.

  2. Don: Yeah, i heard there were problems with time outs with the installer that have been addressed.

    If you’re not an administrator the program wouldn’t have the rights to create a directory in Program Files. However, the installer should do better in telling you that.

  3. Radu Grigore says:

    On my computer it complaints about not having WinXP SP1 ๐Ÿ™ Shouldn’t Windows Update be enough? (I don’t particularily care/watch what that thing does to my computer but I know that it downloads something aprox. once per week..)

  4. Radu: I highly recommend getting XP SP1, it patches a whole lot of security holes and in general improves the XP experience across the board.

  5. Shannon Smythe says:

    Installing VB.Net 2005 Express Beta and all of the big goodies took two hours and 2 reboots. This is exclusive of the download process itself.

    Where does this stuff spend all of it’s time? Felt like it was doing a full build of the software on my machine. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. I wish I knew what "dogfooding" meant. Email me (jeremyrfoster AT hotmail) if you want to fill me in.

  7. Shannon: Interesting. One part is installing the entire .net framework. I know that takes a while. The actual C# component of C# express only takes 6 minutes to install (on like a regular 2 GHz machine).

    I don’t know enough about SQL Express and MSDN express to know if they were the cause of the reboots.

  8. James says:

    I had to log on with Local Administrator priveledges to get the thing to install: using "Run As" wasn’t enough and just gave me an odd message about failing to download the framework. I’d have liked a "Download files and do not install" option for that reason, but I should have dug deeper to find the manual download option on the site.

    Otherwise, the installation was fine for both VC# and VC++. SQL Server Express installed itself to run as LocalSystem by default, not sure whether it needs to, but SQL Server 2000 didn’t.

    Shame about the sorry state of the VC++ headers though (missing files, need to #define things because the STL iterator stuff doesn’t compile by itself, etc, etc. – I assume the relevant people know about that, because I haven’t reported bugs… just downloaded the platform SDK and added a few project options).

  9. James: I’ve talked to the setup team about the issues with RANU (running as normal user).

    BTW: " I assume the relevant people know about that, because I haven’t reported bugs… "

    Never assume that!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m serious. Please report these bugs. That way you know they will get addressed. Thats the whole point of the betas!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    This problem is especially serious and I really think it does need to go up on:

    That way, even if it doesn’t get done, there will be some official feedback from the team as to why the decision was made. Otherwise you’ll probably just be sitting there going "WTF!!!"

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