It’s official!

The best seats in the house at the Seattle Cinerama are without question 6 rows back and dead center. (I know this; because Tyler knows this). It was there, with an unblocked view, and perfect positioning of the screen that I viewed the crap that was Spiderman 2. I call it crap in the vain hope that you won't go see it and that I'll be able to watch it again on Friday night. However, it's probably pretty unlikely and I'll probably have to fight for a good seat again.

As a fan of the first movie, I was extremely impressed when this one blew away all expectations. It was like 2 hours 7 minutes of Good Sex (tm). Raimi is fantastic and I'm crossing my fingers that he'll be willing and eager to to a third. Oh, for you Queer as Folk fans, there's also a fantastic cameo by Michael!!. Except for some mild issues with the single-dimensional Aunt, this movie was pretty flawless for me.

I'm pretty excited now. In fact too excite to keep on writing. I'm off to the gym to work off some exuberance, and uh... to also get all buff to I can leap tall buildings with a single bound (oh wait... that's some other non-spiderman hack!)

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  1. Cleve Littlefield says:

    Cyrus, I too saw this movie tonight, and as a long time fan of the comic books, I was also extremely impressed. I could have died a happy man at the end. I am going to see it again tonite with a few friends from my grou (I too work at MS). Awesome movie.

  2. Cleve: <dunespeak>Ayuh.</dunespeak>

  3. Naginata says:

    I think that if MJ said to me what she said to Pete at the end, in the same tone of voice, I could have lept from rooftop to rooftop and brought villans to justice, and I (0) lack superpowers, and (1) am not in love with the girl.

    Also, isn’t it about time we made "amn’t" a contraction?

  4. Cleve Littlefield says:

    I was going to mention what Naginata mentioned but didnt know how to phrase it to not giving anything away. My heart lept out for joy at that moment. Cyrus, I am not a dune guy, what does that mean?

  5. Timbo says:

    You may also recognise Ayuh if you are a Stephen King fan or have visited Maine. It’s an affirmative.

  6. Timbo: Thanks. Yup. It’s like "Salam", or "Shalom". It has a lot of meanings, the basest of which is "I am one with you". If Homer was a Fremen he would have uttered "Ayuh… donut!"

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