WWDC is not being livecast this year.  Guh!!  Nothing like having decicated, devoted, fans, and then smacking them in the face.  Glove slap, i don't take crap!

Oh well.  Guess I'll be hammering Ars and then i'll watch if it's put online afterwards.

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  1. Are you a regular on the InfoPoop forums? 🙂

  2. Uhm… that’s a telling picture you have on your weblog… 😀

  3. PaoloM: But of course. However, I have no idea who you would be on Ars. I sit here pondering what your nick could possibly be. 🙂

  4. Vince Pacella says:

    I’m just putting this here cuz its the most recent thread… good job on the Beta 1. I feel like it’s Christmas!!

  5. Chad Myers says:

    I was looking at the new features of Tiger and they’re all stuff that was in Windows XP like 2-3 years ago. *yawn*, it seems like "Cuppertino, we have a problem".

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