The man is a genius!

Well, he's no Einstein, but Eddie Izzard is hilarious. I got Circle and Dress To Kill for xmas and I've watched them many times and haven't gotten tired of it.

I also recommend watching his commedy in french (with english dubbing if you don't understand french) after you've seen his main act. It's like hearing all the jokes again, but this time fresh (and french!!). It's quite fun. Thanks Yuri!!!

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  1. Stefán Jökull Sigurðarson says:

    No arguments there. If you liked these two i really recommend that you get Definite Article and Glorious (audio only i think) if you haven’t already. These two are older than Dress To Kill and are really some of his best. His "James Mason as God" impressions are awesome and his Sean Connery imitations are simply to die for. I can’t stop recommending him to my friends, and no one has been let down so far 🙂

  2. D. Brian Ellis says:

    "Thank you for flying Church of England…Cake or Death?"

    Eddie Izzard is the best. I have "Dress To Kill" on DVD. I didn’t like "Glorious" nearly as much except for the "Evil Giraffe" bit ("I will eat all of the berries on this tree and the other giraffes will starve…mwah haha ha…"). Unfortunately I don’t speak French or else I’d get Circle. Oh well.


  3. marko says:

    I got Dress to Kill and Circle last week. I began watching Dress to Kill on Saturday night! The man is a genius.

  4. Brian: Circle is in english, but it also contains his french stand up. It’s _fantastic_!

    I take Cake.

    Well, we’re out of cake

    What do you mean? So my choices are ‘or death’??

  5. Stefan: Thanks!! I’ll ask for Definite Article for my next bday!

  6. damien morton says:

    if you liked Eddie Izzard, you might also like Edna Everidge (Barry Humphries)

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