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I got a pair of posts from people asking me if I favored multiple monitors and what my office looked like. I figured I'd just answer that with a few shots:

I'm going to put up more of my posters later and I'll let you know what it looks like then.

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  1. Addy Santo says:

    Yo, I work with the same setup, and have a few questions for ya:

    1. Have you found a way to extend Remote Desktop over more than one monitor?

    2. Have you found a way to extend Virtual PC over more than one monitor?

    Oddly enough, after much experimentation I also settled for having the windows taskbar on the bottom of the left screen. I also tried right side of right screen, right side of left screen, top of left screen but bottom of left worked best for me.

    Your screensaver leaves a bit to be desired though… I have a matrix-style SS with multiple monitor support (, it feels just like piloting the Nebuchadnezzar 🙂

  2. Addy:

    1. No

    2. No

    Taskbar: Nvidia utilities let me spread over multiple screens. But I dislike it. I will more likely remote into my same machine and have two different taskbars instead

    Screensaver: It’s not a screensaver, it’s my background image 🙂

    My screen saveer just turns off the monitors. Gota conserve da power yo.

  3. SubZero says:


  4. Unfortunately that isn’t a Fedora though. I’ll have to add that when I get the chance.

  5. Joku says:

    I’d like if the taskbar could be fully or partly mirrored to the other screens, while maintaining the rest of the screen as an invidual display. Would be cool to just have the start,quicklaunch,notifytray in shared in all screens and only the tasks part of the taskbar dedicated to each display.. And more mouse pointers etc lol. Some day..

  6. Look into UltraMon for spreading the task bar over multiple monitors. Very cool app. Allows you to mirror or have each monitor display only the task running on it. I use it with my 3 monitors and it works BEAUTIFULLY. I can even move windows from one monitor to the other with keystrokes.

    BTW….why doesn’t Windows do this sort of stuff…would have thought that XP devs would have recognized that multiple monitors would be a possibility. 🙂

  7. Sushant: Why does windows need to do this when there are perfectly good 3rd party tools out there that do it for you?

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