Not only is it a great word (better than "eureka!!" when you're excited {but not quite as good as "pygmies!!"}) but it's also a delicious dish. I finished off a whole bowl tonight easily and it was definitely yummy++. However, when i looked back on that fact i realized that i used an entire bulb of garlic. Note: not a clove, but a whole bulb (probably about 10-12 cloves). Ask yourself this: "Would it be a bad thing if i ate a whole bulb of garlic and then went into work the next day?". My guess is that the answer would be yes. Well, it's time for me to start hunting for some parsley, or otherwise get noseplugs for Kevin tomorrow.

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  1. Dimitri Glazkov says:

    You’re a nut. Not that it’s a bad thing.

  2. Being a nut is a bad thing. Unless you’re a peanut where thanks to Linda Richman I now know it’s neither a pea nor a nut.

  3. Mishel says:

    Your site is realy very interesting.

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