Sports ‘all’ night

Watched side 1/disc 1/box 1/season 1 of Sports Night tonight. Really really quite excellent. The laugh track is quite disconcerting (is it even a laugh track? I can't tell), and I think i would prefer it iff it didn't have it or if it wasn't filmed in front of an audience that was captured for the show. Each episode is also too damn short. After being so used to Sorkin's excellent writing in WW i foudn myself disaapointed by the 20 minute shows that introduced and tore down a subject before you even got a chance to digest it. There was a two-parter and that one shined. It seems pretty similar to WW with the strong emphasis on characters, chemistry and generally great witty writing. It also seems like this was an experiment on Sorkin's part to try out getting across a strong issues. In just 6 episodes he's covered topics such a rape, drug abuse, ethics in the media and painful divorces. With such topics I'm suprised by how much I end up laughing throughout the episode. I also think it's amusing that writers play such a large role in these shows (especially with some very attractive people being attracted to the writer's 'talents'). I'm sure if I wrote a show it would involve some pretty kick-ass programmers and legions of people following them. Wait... I don't need a show for that, that's my life as it exists today.


Watch it!

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  1. I loved that show. It seemed to me to be so far above the level of writing and intelligence anywhere else on TV. I didn’t start watching until after it had already been cancelled, though. Glad to hear it is available for the permanent collection.

  2. yag says:

    The Sport’s Night DVD is one of my favorites – and gets watched regularly. The laugh track is an issue – the show didn’t have it. They added it later for the DVD. No idea why…

  3. D. Brian Ellis says:

    I think they figured it out later. The laugh track mysteriously disappears in the second season or so. Who knows. It does suck though. I barely hear it anymore. The show length is also an issue. Mainly because I find myself going "Well, it’s only 22 min… I can watch ONE more…" then I’m still up an hour later. I don’t know what the whole deal was but apparently they were talking about transfering Sports Night to an HBO ‘Six Feet Under’/’OZ’/’Sopranos’ 1 hour, 13 episode format. Would have been great but for some reason it took too long and by the time they came around, the actors had moved on. So Sorkin moved on to the West Wing. Tragedy I tell you 🙁


  4. They did have the laugh track originally (over Sorkin’s protests), and they took it out as the show went along, thankfully. It really is jarring in the early episodes.

    Great show, though.

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