A plea to anyone out there that speaks hungarian!

The Seattle International Film Festival is going on right now and it's been playing some really interesting stuff.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to get tickets for either Ghost in the Shell 2, or Hero.  Oh well.  However, there's an interesting movie being played called Mix (the tag line is: “Fast-paced action is accented by a deep-house/worldbeat/ambient soundtrack in this story of love, family drama and porn”!!).  However, I'm wary of the movie given the low IMDB rating.  However, when I looked at the breakdown for the IMDB rating I saw something off. The mean/median are a 7.6 and an 8. However, the weighted avereage is a 3.7. Unfortunately IMDB won't explain how they come up with the weighted average.

I went looking for information on this movie, but unfortunately all the sites are in hungarian (and I only speak java!).  So I need help from someone who can read hungarian or who has seen the movie to tell me if it's actually good or not!


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  1. Ben says:


    Can’t help you with "Mix", but I saw "Hero" last night. It was the 4th movie at the *SIFF that I have seen so far. It was extremely good, one of the most aestically pleasing films that I have seen. Story presentation and music was great too. I hope it gets a regular release soon so that others can see it. "Twilight Samurai" was excellent too. Good luck with "Mix".



  2. p: I realize that 😉

    I’ve seen the trailers and I want to see them based on that. However it owuld be nice to have one independent review to decide on.

  3. p says:

    what i know that it wasn’t a hit movie here in budapest, anyway, maybe someone will have more info,

  4. a. says:

    well, i dont’ think i have the vocabulary to write a film review (however, if you ask me to review a software… ;]), so just some comments.

    this movie falls into the ‘art movie’ category, and this is the main reason only ‘art cinemas’ was playing it. and maybe that’s why there are two goups of people: people who like it, and peolpe who not.

    doue to this fact it’s hard to give an unbalanced opinion about the movie.

    i liked it, so i would say you should see it :). (they speak mostly in englis so you’ll understand the story)

  5. after watching the trailer, I’m sold. I doubt it will play here but I’ll definitely buy it when it is released on DVD. (I’m too slack to rent movies, I end up paying late fees that could buy the movie)

  6. Addy: Getting the trailer now. Any more suggestions?

  7. BillT says:

    Almost everything’s on the net! I couldn’t find a free Hungarian translation service in a few minutes, but here’s …

    Hungarian to English dictionaries:





  8. Christo Mephisto says:

    Hmm, well I saw the flick at CineVegas’s Film Festival in LV, NV. It was my only alternative to the sold-out-even-though-I-had-a-ticket Eraserhead screening followed by a Q & A w/ David Lynch!!

    Even though I only saw the last half, I was quite intrigued & found that it was less about porn (although that was an underlying element) than it was about the love of mixing records, Hungarian street hustlers & the main character’s family ties (in America/Hungary). I recommend it!

    I actually found this blogsite based on my own search to see when it (Mix) might be coming out on DVD…no luck so far. I’ll check back here, though. Hope this helped a bit. Cheers.

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